Horoscope: First Season of Eclipses of 2023 from Astrology

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During eclipses, we can understand something, we can live experiences that deeply question us, if we really are what we think we are or if we are limiting or restricting ourselves when we can evolve.


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What could have been more terrifying in ancient times than to feel that the cycle of day or night was broken without explanation? If everything depended on the luminary gods, for them to change their behavior was undoubtedly a sign of the end. Over time, we understood that eclipses were not a matter of divinities, but rather natural phenomena, but the memory of fear remained in the collective unconscious and even today it is difficult for us to disconnect from it. What is certain is that they are one of the most fascinating spectacles in the sky.

What does an eclipse mean today from astrology?

Astrology is a symbolic tool that, among other things, helps us understand processes and experiences from a psychological and spiritual perspective. In it, the sun is a symbol of consciousness, of identity, and the moon is subconsciousness, memory, and identification. Therefore, when there is an event between the sun and the moon, there is a moment of awareness. In other words, in eclipses we can understand something, we can live experiences that deeply question us, if we really are what we think we are or if we are limiting or restricting ourselves when we can evolve.

If we are not in a permanent job of trying to illuminate the unconscious (which can be done from psychology, psychoanalysis or other disciplines), we stimulate ourselves to grow through radical personal and collective situations. This is what astrological transits are all about in the end, but eclipses have become famous for their particular intensity.

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The path marked by the next eclipses

Every year we have four to six eclipses and when they become visible where we live, we can enjoy their beauty, while internally we connect with the learning of the soul, we release unconscious patterns, and we open ourselves to a new perspective. If there are goals in the human experience, it could be said that eclipses lead the way. With this in mind, let's see: On April 20 we have a hybrid solar eclipse in Aries that mobilizes processes with couples, friends, societies, family members, etc. We will deal for months with renewing our way of relating to others, we will try to balance and harmonize ties by being more honest, fair and positioning the self in a better way as well.

We have to learn to prioritize ourselves without disrespecting the other. Let's eliminate codependency, hypocrisy and narcissistic selfishness. By hook or by crook (eclipse words). Days later, on May 5, there is a penumbral lunar eclipse in Scorpio. We have been releasing and acquiring new ways of valuing things, of relating intimately, of managing individual or shared, material or psychological resources. We are letting go of attachments, drama, and traumas while we learn to surrender, to become vulnerable and to value the simple things in life. So situations happen to us that make us learn from all this, knowing it helps us to be more aware and active.

Collective energy of eclipses

At a global level we will see how issues about war and peace negotiations are mobilized, relationships that are broken or started between countries in search of more harmony (because there may not be one, and we hope that it will not be on a large scale). We will also see very strong movements in the economic sphere, although not for all loss. The countries that will be most affected will be those from where these eclipses will be visible. Whatever happens, let us remember that we must not resist, rather let us arm ourselves with courage, honesty and mobilize our initiatives.

Finally, what to do during eclipses? Wherever it is visible, of course, protect our eyes when seeing the sun (in Latin America we will not have the opportunity). Without resistance, let's try to adapt to new situations, let's capture the signs, let's open ourselves to connect or reconnect with people who come to teach us things, let go of unfair or exhausting relationships and let's do the internal work of reflection, conscious and intelligent action in favor of what we already we know is the meaning of the eclipse. In six months we will be seeing the result of what was moved, and we will be more comfortable; although, like the stars that do not stop moving, and we grow, the process continues.