Colombia Will Celebrate the XXIV FIDES Olympics 2023

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A new edition of the FIDES Olympics will take place in Bogotá. We tell you which disciplines will take place and which outstanding athletes will be participating in this event.

FIDES Special Olympics

Photo: Offset Colombia

LatinAmerican Post | Carlos Felipe Bedoya

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The history of the FIDES Special Olympics leads us to the creation of "FIDES" which is an entity of Colombian origin that breaking down its acronym means: foundation for research and development of special education in Spanish. This same was created in the year 1975, in order to help people with cognitive disabilities. The first Special Olympics date back to 1978 with just a few athletes, an aspect that was the first step for the consolidation of this event.

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"This competition aims to promote the feeling of unity and humility, the greatness in everyone's heart." Says Alejandro Escallón, who is the president of the FIDES foundation.

This year the twenty-fourth edition of this competition will be held, from Sunday, May 21st to Saturday, May 27th in Bogotá, Colombia. More than 3,000 spectators will witness this wonderful competition that highlights the values of inclusion and sport, more than 1,000 athletes will participate there with five invited countries (Chile, Uruguay, Panama, Ecuador and Mexico). In addition, there are also 700 volunteers who support different areas and accompany the athletes and their families throughout the event to strengthen the optimal development of the competition.

New Olympics

Likewise, this event has 15 different disciplines (soccer, field tennis, basketball, cycling, bowling, softball, skating, gymnastics, horse riding, athletics, swimming, cheerleading, table games, capoeira, and table tennis). In these competitions, these athletes show their talents and abilities to get their medals and achieve their sporting and personal goals, which are the fundamental pillar of this tournament that is supported by 3 key concepts: give their best, accept each other, and let footprint for the future.

Colombian pride

Eder Rojas, is the name of one of the most renowned athletes in the Olympics, he was established 23 times as the best soccer player in these competitions. The 57-year-old from Bogotá is a true crack with the ball. Eder came into the world like any other child, but at the age of 4 he suffered an episode of fever so strong that it altered his neurological system and this caused his motor skills and speech to be significantly affected.

The athlete became a source of pride for his family and also a symbol of discipline, resistance, and improvement.

The Olympics overflow inclusion, support, and improvement. The event shows how, in a healthy way, there is a competition between athletes from all over Colombia and other countries who have struggled throughout their lives to grow in a society suitable for all, without exclusion, without limitations and contributing their best version to build a world in which everyone is a part.

This is why the growth of this kind of competition is essential for all these athletes. The participants not only put their careers as professional athletes at stake, but also compete in the best way to gain greater visibility from society, which little by little is opening up new scenarios so that they can demonstrate all their talent in these disciplines. These events that advocate for inclusion are also reflected in the holding of special Olympic Games for all these outstanding athletes.