Latin America in Short: Mancuso's statements in the JEP | WHO warns against medical uses of AI

This week, Mancuso's statements in the JEP continue to cause a stir in Colombia. In more global news, the WHO has warned about medical uses of AI. This and more summarized here .

Salvatore Mancuso and Woman using artificial intelligence

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Mancuso's statements in the JEP have continued to cause a stir in Colombia. In global news, on the one hand, Ukraine is preparing a counteroffensive against Russia. On the other hand, the WHO warns about the dangers of using artificial intelligence in medicine. The WMO also officially stated this week that the next five years will be the hottest on record. Finally, in sports, Rafael Nadal announces his retirement while the Colombian delegation shines in the Para Swimming World Cup. We tell you everything here.

Colombia: Mancuso's statements in the JEP continue to cause a stir

After the participation of Salvatore Mancuso, the former leader of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC for its initials in Spanish), in the Special Justice for Peace (JEP) in which he incriminated several Colombian political figures, the reactions do not stop. Recently, former president Andrés Pastrana asked the ex-paramilitary to show proof of his accusations.

On the third day of his appearance, Mancuso assured that his group supported the candidacies of Pastrana (1998) and of Álvaro Uribe Vélez (2002). Among other complaints, he explained how in various situations his men worked together with the State and some private companies.

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Ukraine advances in imminent counteroffensive

With economic and military support, especially after the shipment of several tanks from the West, Ukraine has been preparing a counter-offensive in the Eastern region that Russia still dominates. With enough time to improve the weather conditions and the readiness and training of their troops, the long-promised operation of the Ukrainian forces seems to be close.

An important advantage is that he knew how to control and not give in to the constant Russian attacks at strategic points where they had left the conflict in a draw. For example, and despite the missile attacks, Ukraine did not give in to the Russian siege at Bakhmut. Not even knowing that on the other side there were both official Russian forces and mercenaries from the Wagner group, loyal to Moscow. However, Russia's siege on Bakhmut continues and tries to advance meter by meter, regardless of whether this means destroying the urban area completely.

Ukraine and Russia have agreed to a special ceasefire that would allow Kyiv to export much-needed grain to other countries. This pact was achieved with the intersection of China, which shows how Beijing has begun to have significance in the European conflict.

At the same time, the powers allied to the United States meet in Japan at the G7 summit. This group includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Germany, Italy, and France. For now, the central theme of the new summit will be the Chinese advance in world hegemony and the war in Ukraine. The agreements that the group of the largest Western economies agree on in terms of support and cooperation to one side of the sector will be relevant.

WHO warns about the use of artificial intelligence in health

This week the World Health Organization warned about the risks that the adoption of artificial intelligence tools in health can bring if there are no clear ethical and regulatory frameworks. “Rash adoption of unproven AI systems in healthcare can lead to errors by healthcare workers and cause harm to patients,” the organization noted. For this reason, he called on health systems and professionals to maintain high rigor and supervision of these tools in order to achieve safe, effective and ethical use. Although he recognizes its potential and advantages, he points out that "the bases that feed artificial intelligence may be biased and generate misleading or inaccurate information."

The next five years will be the hottest on record.

A new report from the World Meteorological Organization warns that global temperatures will hit record levels for years to come. "There is a 66% chance that the average annual temperature near the surface between 2023 and 2027 will exceed pre-industrial levels by more than 1.5 °C for at least one year," says an official statement. It also ensures that there is a 98% probability that the lustrum will be the warmest ever recorded. Greenhouse gases and the El Niño phenomenon are two factors that will drive this increase in temperatures. Among the consequences, the WMO warns that there will be changes in global rainfall, warming in the Arctic and effects on food security, health and, of course, the environment.

Rafael Nadal: The end of one of the most important eras in tennis

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal confirmed that he will not be present at the next Roland Garros since his goal is to reach the Davis Cup in optimal conditions, a competition in which he will be as captain of his country. Likewise, the Madrid athlete made it clear that 2024 will be his last season as a professional athlete, since he considers that it is time to retire from the courts in the best way. With these statements, it is confirmed that Nadal will compete in the most important tournaments of the following season to end his career as a tennis player.

Colombia and its outstanding presentation in the Para Swimming World Championship

The Colombian delegation had a historic day at the Para Swimming World Championships, and they have once again shown that the coffee country is currently one of the great powers in this sport. Carlos Daniel Serrano, Nelson Crispín and Moisés Fuentes were the medalists who achieved this feat in the 50-meter breaststroke test. Nelson Crispín was left with the gold medal, Carlos Serrano with the silver and Moisés Fuentes with the bronze. In addition to getting this valuable podium, these three athletes managed to register a world record in their categories, Crispin did a time of 35.43; Serrano 32.02 and Fuentes 41.83.