Detoxify your closet and make it eco-friendly

Our wardrobe can become a tool to take care of the environment. Find out how in this article

Top 5 best environmental inventions of 2018

Time magazine made the list of the best 50 inventions. Here, we tell you the ones that enter the list because they are sustainable and eco friendly

Did you know that the earth moves at 994 miles per hour?

Find out here 7 fun facts about the environment that you may did not know

7 tips for you to have an eco-friendly Christmas

One of the happiest times of the year is coming and here we tell you how to make this celebration also joyful for the environment

Are you looking for organic products for your baby?

Find here some recommendations on environmentally friendly products that are ideal for your baby

Do you know how many animals are used to make fur coats?

The fur industry uses the skin of different animals to make items such as coats, gloves, hats, among others

Circular economy: an incomplete solution for the environmental crisis

This system of resource exploitation could solve the bad waste management if we understand what to do with them

Vacation season is coming: 5 natural wonders that you must visit

The planet is full of fantastic natural places to visit during this holiday season. Here we tell you some

Is the end of the world coming? 3 documentaries that show it

These 3 films show the serious damage to which we have subjected the planet. Find out the films here

International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

Today, November 6, the United Nations draws attention to one of the least known victims of armed conflicts: the environment

Let's raise awareness about tsunamis and celebrate their day

Since 2015, the United Nations seeks to raise awareness about "the risks of the tsunamis" with this day

Find out what FIFA does to protect the environment

The largest football federation in the world cares about offering sustainable and eco friendly contests

Today we celebrate World Cities Day

Here we tell you everything you should know about this commemoration

What does the NBA do to take care of the environment?

The National Basketball Association of the United States is committed to protect the environment. Find out how it does it

What does UEFA do to take care of the environment?

The European Football Association supports the care and restoration of the environment. Find out here how this organization does it

5 movies teach us to take care of the environment

Find out here 5 films that invite us to take care of the environment and natural resources

Would you pay more to drink sustainable beer?

Beer producers are concerned about making beverages that do not generate so many greenhouse gases, but will consumers pay more?

Did you know there are plants that shine like Avatar's?

Reality surpasses fiction and with the help of nano particles, a group of scientists created plants that shine like those in the movie

Everything you need to know about the Environmenstrual week of action

The first version of this event will take place from October 13 to 20

Presidential Elections in Brazil: The environmental policy of the candidates

These are the proposals of the most likely candidates to become the next Brazilian president

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