Space debris: This is the satellite that could clean the space

Remove Debris is a satellite designed to test low-cost methods to clean space junk

Empower yourself and take care of the environment with this app

This app gathers information to combat climate change and strengthen female participation

These are the real environmental impacts of biofuels

Just because alternative energies have "less negative impacts" that does not mean that they are more friendly to the environment or that they even pollute less

This is the "snake" that seeks to clean the sea

A new ecological method helps reducing pollution in the oceans

Everything you need to know about fracking in Latin America

We tell you what hydraulic fracturing is, a Latin American country that implements it and two that are waiting

We can not longer see the night sky

These two Latin American countries are part of the highest light polluted nations  Know who they are

Latin Americans against disposable products

Latin American entrepreneurs devise 6 new ways to avoid contamination by disposable materials

The new Real Madrid uniform is made with recycled plastic

The Spanish team launches sustainable shirts made by Adidas in collaboration with the Parley environmental platform

Insects can be the most lethal animals

Insects do not need to have large sizes, sharp fangs or sharp claws to be lethal to humans

Soluble plastic bags: Are we facing the final solution?

Chilean entrepreneurs created this revolutionary article generating a hopeful alternative to plastic

What do Patagonia and Colombian mountains have in common? Two must-see green festivals

Through films and music, the two extremes of South America seek to create awareness and to educate about the environment

Environmental balance of Santos administration: The good and the bad

After Iván Duque’s presidential inauguration in Colombia, we made a balance of what former president Juan Manuel Santos left in environmental matters

Do you want to take care of the environment? These 4 applications can help you

Taking care of the environment can be a difficult task, but these applications on your cell phone can make this task easier

"We have to keep walking and carry on", Francia Márquez

The Colombian activist spoke with LatinAmerican Post about the environment, the peace agreements, and the current situation of social leaders

Mexico and Chile are the Latin American leaders in protecting marine natural areas

According to Cell Press, "the objectives to retain marine wildlife are necessary for global conservation strategies"

What is expected with the arrival of 'Aquaman' to the Ministry of Environment in Colombia?

Ricardo Lozano is an ideal professional to exercise as Minister given his knowledge of the environmental problems of the coffee country

What do Latin American countries do to protect their forests?

Reducing deforestation can help reduce the effects of the effects of climate change: learn about initiatives in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, and Paraguay

Does your pet have fleas? Zika outbreaks could be prevented with the drug to eliminate them

The researchers propose to administer this drug to humans

Humans are not as different from animals as you think

Here we present some examples of animals that are similar to humans that maybe you already knew and others that will probably surprise you

Chiribiquete: From "Sistine Chapel of the Amazon" to a World Heritage Site of UNESCO

The 'Jewel of the Crown' in the Colombian Amazon, from June 2018, will become the 'Jewel of Humanity'

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