Julin Contreras

The Artist Blessed by Diego Rivera's Spirit that Shows through her Paintings Tehuantepec History

This Tehuana artist has the steps of her father, a sculptor, and painter, which was close to Diego Rivera, one of the leading icons of Mexican Muralism.


Tehuana women

Tehuana Woman: cultural icon of femininity and empowerment in Mexico

The colorful state of Oaxaca is the home of Tehuana women, a community known for their confidence, hard work, power, and beauty. 

Woman painting

Artis's mental health is being affected due to the pandemic

The underfunding, unemployment and economic crisis of the art scene are causing psychological disorders in artists

Karen Castilla

The Mexican Viral Artist that Will Make You Smile with her Drawings

The Mexican illustrator with more than 225,000 followers and 400,000 likes on Instagram

Jose Iskandar

The Gastronaut who tells stories made with light

Jose is a born artist who, through the lens of his camera, recounts his gastronomic journeys as a gastronaut

Anne Carson

Anne Carson wins Princess of Asturias award

Canadian writer Anne Carson is the ninth woman to win the Princess of Asturias Award for Literature in 40 years .


Woman painting with oleo.

The obstacles of the online diffusion of the arts

Since the COVID-19 lockdowns jobs are developing digitally, whereas the artistic world is struggling with the lack of face-to-face contact and the governmental underfunding that they have been experiencing.

 Marcos Mundstock

Marcos Mundstock highlights with Les Luthiers

The legendary Argentine artist leaves a huge legacy with his work at Les Luthiers, one of the most important ensembles in Latin America

Women participate in the Holi ceremony at the Gopinath Temple in India

National Geographic's women exhibition arrives at Latin America

'Mujeres, poder feminino en foco' shows archive photos of NatGeo and will be available between February 7 and March 24 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Beethoven portrait.

Beyond the 9th symphony: 5 Beethoven plays you should know

In the year of the "genius of Bonn" we reviewed 5 distinctive works that go beyond the traditional choral symphony

Abortion rights activist

'Abortion is normal', an exhibition that fights for reproductive rights

This exhibition, curated by Jasmine Wahi and Rebecca Pauline Jampol, is taking place in New York and is raising awareness about abortion rights.

Photograph of a concert hall.

The 8 most impressive concert halls in Latin America

Meet the impressive Latin American concert halls that live up to the best in Europe or the United States.

'A rapist in your path' chanted by women in the Mexico City Zocalo.

“A rapist in your path” and the wave of rape denounces

This performance, created by the feminist collective “Las Tesis”, has reached several parts of the world, giving strength to women to denounce their rapists.

World Latte Art Champion, Arnon Thitiprasert. / Photo:

World Latte Art Champion uses Colombian Coffee in his coffee shops in Asia

Arnon Thitiprasert came to Colombia for the first time to share his skills as one of the most famous baristas around the world.

Camera recording scenes from a movie.

Los Cabos Film Festival is all about women

This year 43% of the program will be directed by women, according to Alejandra Pauli, one of the festival directors.

Mexican plastic artist, Francisco Toledo.

Francisco Toledo, the irreverent Mexican plastic artist dies

Francisco Toledo, who shook up the 1960s Mexican art scene, died at 79

Mural painted in a wall

Artists use street murals to change image of violent Caracas slum

One of Latin America's largest slums and one that has historically been known for violent crime and gang rivalries is about to change due to art

Reproduction of a copy of the magazine-mural Prisma of the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges.

Borges works were auctioned in Argentina

A magazine dedicated to Macedonio Fernández and a copy of Borges book "The language of the Argentines", were the big sales


Venezuelan Cruz-Diez, pioneer in kinetic art, dies in Paris

Cruz-Diez was praised for his work with color and his installations have been featured in major international art museums and public spaces

A man stands amid pictures of victims of the bombing of the AMIA Jewish center that killed 85 people, on the 25th anniversary of the attack in Buenos Aires

A photo exhibition depicts the horror 25 years after the worst terrorist attack in Argentina

The exhibition "Twenty-five" is composed of 38 recent studio photos based on 19 stories and others from the time of the terrorist attack against the Argentinian Mutual Israelite Association (AMIA), all made by photographer Julio Menajovsky

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