5 urban artists you should follow on Instagram

From Colombia to Ecuador, these artists have positioned themselves within the Latin American urban scene. Discover them here

Art-therapy: What is it and why should you practice it?

This technique allows to overcome traumas, fears, and diseases

Color and more color! If you love to draw this museums are for you

These Latin American museums will transport you to a vibrant world, full of color and incredible characters

Neil Simon: This is Broadway King's legacy

In LatinAmerican Post we remember the American playwright Neil Simon, who died on August 26

Aurora Reyes: a rebel artist who fought for equality in Mexico

In a conservative and sexism society, Aurora Reyes dared to break the rules and challenge gender stereotypes

Long live music! Here are some Latin American museums specialized in music

These Latin American museums will take you on a journey through the history of music in some countries of the region

Feliza Bursztyn: the Colombian woman who dared to make sculptures with scrap metal before it was in

In Bogotá, where women were not part of the public sphere of art, Feliza Bursztyn embraced her reputation of being crazy

These Latina illustrators will revolutionize your Instagram feed

From laughs to empowered women, you do not want to miss these Latinas’ Instagrams

How Instagram managed to revive the hand-painted advertising

Companies like Apple, Coca-Cola, and Gucci invest thousands of dollars annually to advertise their products in hand-painted murals

Latin blood runs through their veins: artists who define what it means to be from Latin America

These are some of the artists have defined, intentionally or not, the Latin American identity

In Latin America, there are also museums for photography lovers

Photography is a form of artistic expression that shows the reality of a society, which has to be preserved. Get to know some of the Latin American museums dedicated to this work

Radical Women: the exhibition of Latina artists who take Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Museum, in New York City, became a space to showcase the work of little-known Latina artists

Places for the Young an Artistic Escene Bogotu00e1

Bogotá: three places for young and innovative art

If you want to see what is happening in the young artistic scene of Bogotá now, these places are where you should be

drag makeup

Drag makeovers: How makeup goes from cosmetic to art

Beyond gender bending, Drag Queens use their faces and their bodies as canvases to turn themselves into walking, breathing artworks

A painting by Tarsilia do Amaral

Tarsilia do Amaral: the woman who invented modern art in Brazil

If you are in New York City or plan on visiting, MoMA will hold a retrospective exhibition on the Brazilian artist’s work through June 3rd

Wayuu art: from Colombia to Canada

In La Guajira, Colombia, the Wayuu tribe represents the 45% of the population and produces art worth exporting

Lima: Art galleries you should know

If you are in the Peruvian capital, these are some spots where you will find fantastic artworks and inspiring spaces

Which are the best platforms to find art online?

In a globalized world, traditional galleries have become a resource for online sellers, because the internet is where it’s at

Mexican women who are revolutionizing art

These are three artists with fresh and outstanding proposals that you should know

Latin America: The best art museums

These are some of the museums that are worth visiting

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