Lionel Messi and Daddy Yankee

Gallery: Messi and Daddy Yankee, Promoters of Tourism in Latin America?

Latin America has a well-established tourism industry based on culture, leisure, ecology, and business. But several countries have other unconventional attractions, driven by celebrities such as Messi

POS System

From Stock Control To Sales Reports: Unleashing The Full Potential Of Your Pos System

Let's unveil the full potential of your point-of-sale (POS) system, from enhancing stock control to generating insightful sales reports

invitation WEF

Nobel Peace Prize 2015 will be at the Women Economic Forum Colombia 2023

The Woman Post is an ally of this event for female entrepreneurs in Latin America. Free registrations are now open for the 4th edition of the most important international forum focused on women's economy on the planet at https://wefcolombia.com/inscripciones/

business woman

The strategy that seeks to end the "Sticky Floor" and empowering women

The company Gelsa is implementing a "decoding" plan to change the lives of 97% of its female workforce and empowering

Leonel Messi

Gallery: The Absurd Figures that Lionel Messi would Earn in Arabia

AFP revealed that Lionel Messi has agreed to a historic contract to arrive in Saudi Arabia next season. For now, the player's environment belies them

Women leader IFC program

IFC program of the World Bank, "Sourcing2Equal" arrives to Latin America

World Bank program, Sourcing2Equal arrives from Kenya to Colombia, where it will be implemented to support women entrepreneurs in Latin America.


6 Ways Higher Education Prepares You For Leadership Roles

Higher education helps individuals develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills necessary for effective leadership. Let’s see how higher education prepares individuals for higher leadership roles

Manager Sodimac

Gender equality is an opportunity for companies

Interview with Paola Hernández, Sustainability Manager of Sodimac Corona and its brands Homecenter and Constructor: Differences are opportunities for business learning

Adriana Rivera

Adriana Rivera: "All women are beautiful and we can move the world”

The Woman Post connected the Colombian Adriana Rivera in Spain where she has lived for years. We were in arrears to have this valuable woman in our online medium who has invested great efforts in her academic training and professional practice. She is a franchise specialist, president of ColEmpresarias (Colombian Association of Businesswomen), and a teacher. Her work to make Colombian businesswomen visible on international stages adds altruistic weight to her life

Laptop and coffee

What Can You Do With An Education In Finance?

Choosing an education in finance can help you kickstart your career in the business industry and receive lucrative employment opportunities

Glasses made with plastic

Get to know brands that aim to decontaminate rivers, seas, and oceans

The impressive volumes of plastic waste that go into the oceans and affect marine life and ecosystems are no secret


Did you know why the jeans you wear are highly polluting?

Behind each show, and each collection, there is a very high impact on the planet and the environment. The fashion industry is the second most polluting, behind oil and its derivatives

Two woman climbing a mountain

Entrepreneurship is a wonderful therapy

We could compare entrepreneurship to taking a suitcase, filling it with possibilities, and launching into the unknown on a slide without being clear about whether you will land on your feet, knees, or face down. When we see entrepreneurship in this way, it seems that we are going to get involved in a crazy mission that has no head or tail. Fortunately, it is not like that

woman gamer

The growing video game industry from the female perspective

Female streamers and content creators in the eSports sector have highlighted recent achievements and called for greater inclusivity in the industry

graduated people

10 Reasons Hiring an MBA Grad Will Boost Your Company's ROI

In this article, we explore 10 reasons why hiring an MBA graduate can boost your company's ROI and how their unique skills and experiences can position your company for long-term success

Helsinki cathedral and dentist

These are the Best Job Options to Migrate to the Happiest Countries in the World

If you are thinking of migrating, why not do it where the happiness formula is? If you want to live in these countries and are concerned about job opportunities, this is a list of the best job options you could have

Gambling Industry

LATAM Gambling Industry Expects Unprecedented Growth in 2023

The potential for generating significant revenue in Latin America has caught the attention and focus of both the regulated and unregulated online gambling industry

Luisa Fernanda Valderrama

Luisa Fernanda Valderrama Brings Together Women in a Very Masculine Sector

She is a strong, empowered woman, a true source of concepts, opinions, and positions, all of them with a single goal:

Angela Zuluaga

To Be Successful, Women Should Not Be Super Powerful,” Ángela Zuluaga

With a constant smile and friendly paisa tone of voice, she begins this dialogue with Ángela Zuluaga, President of Communications Wholemeal Coca-Cola

Woman having a burnout

Is Burnout Affecting the Growth of Female Entrepreneurship?

Alejandra Torres, a Colombian businesswoman known for her work as an investor in Shark Tank Colombia