Jake Paul and Mark Zuckerberg

Infographic: Who earns more, an Influencer or a CEO?

Currently there are several youtubers or instagramers with better salaries than company directors. Who earns more, an Influencer or a CEO?

Novak Djokovic

How Much Will it Cost Novak Djokovic Not to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

The number one in world tennis was deported from Australia losing the opportunity to win one more trophy and a large sum of money. How much will it cost Novak Djokovic not to get vaccinated?

Logos de Atlético Nacional, Grupo SURA, El Espectador y Davivienda

Beyond GEA and Gilinski: Colombian Economic Conglomerates

The recent dispute between the Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño and the Gilinski family caught the attention of the business world. These are the economic conglomerates in Colombia beyond the GEA and Gilinski.

People sitting around table with papers and notebooks

Marketing Strategies for Latin American market

If cards are played wisely, the Latin American market can benefit from the gap created by the rigid Chinese trading regulations and become a new promised land ideal not just for starting a business but also for business relocation and development in market reach and brand awareness.

Smartphone with the app Tik Tok

Encourage Your Business To Go Viral on TikTok

TikTok is growing fast, and it is set to dominate the years to come. With relatively little competition on this platform, growing TikTok is accessible to everyone, including entrepreneurs.

Group of people at office

8 Traits That Will Highlight Your Work in 2022

Here are eight essential traits that will help you differentiate yourself at work and get a promotion.

Person holding a cell phone

These Are the Fintech Which You Should Be Informed About in 2022

These financial technology companies will be a trend due to their innovative commitment. Some of this Fintech to take into account in 2022 are Latin American

Woman smiling

Skills That Women Bring to Companies

If you are looking for a job or just want to take it into account, here are some factors that companies will evaluate in you. 

Man in a videoconference

What to Expect in a Remote Interview


Here’s what to expect in a remote interview so you know how to impress potential employers through the phone or over a videoconference

Woman working on her computer

Regulate Your Energy Through Strategy and Intelligence

The best use of our time is to focus on things we can control, like energy, versus something that we can't control, like time.

Lisa Price and Brandon Stanton

Inspiring Stories for Beginning New Businesses

If you've been itching to start a business, but you are overwhelmed with how to actually get started, here are two success stories that explain why smart entrepreneurs begin before they're ready.

Person holding notebook

Tips To Reduce Stress When Looking for Work

Millennials have shown that they do not want a short life or a small job. They search for a meaningful job where they feel like they can make a difference!

Characters from the Disney movie 'Charm'

How "Encanto" Can Help The Economy In Colombia

Disney's Encanto may boost the country's tourism industry above pre-pandemic levels in a few years

David Vélez, Founder and CEO of NuBank

How David Vélez Became The Richest Colombian

David Vélez this year became the Colombian with the most money and one of the Latinos with the greatest fortune. This was the path that the owner of Nubank took to reach the top

People putting a puzzle together

Secrets for Having High-Performing Teams

Positive work cultures are focused on forming high-quality relationships with employees. This practice helps release essential aspects like inspiration, energy, motivation, and, most importantly, workplace relationships.

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4 Tips To Prevent Your Business From Tanking In 2022

If you have been trying to develop a plan to save your business, the advice mentioned below may help you prevent your business from tanking in 2022

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How to Survive Your First Year in Business

Did you know that 20% of small businesses fail to survive their first year? After that, the number falls even sharply, and only 50% of small businesses make it past the 5-year mark

happy woman at work

5 Tips To Improve Your Performance

Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist for Salesforce, lists 13 traits to stand out more at work.

Tatiana Camps placeholder image

Tatiana Camps: "Women Are Essential for the Sustainability in the World"

Through her book Leading from the Feminine (Liderar Desde Lo Femenino), she analyzes the extremely high value that the contribution of women injects into organizations.

Jaime Gilinski Bacal and leaders of the Antioquia business group

Gilinski And GEA: A Dispute Over Colombian Business Power

The Gilinski Group, owned by the fourth richest man in Colombia, seeks to stay with Nutresa, of the GEA, which triggered a battle of business heavyweights. What is the reason for the dispute between Gilinski and GEA?