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Analyzing the Increasing Need for Real-Time Analytics in Tech and Business World


Businesses incorporate analytics in their marketing strategies to recognize, retain and bring in new and valuable customers. It all leads to a smart, efficient, and smoothly run business

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Cultivate Passion and Not Burnout at Work

To unlock happiness at work, it's crucial to avoid burnout. Many people confuse being passionate about what they do with not knowing when to stop.

Gordon Bowker, Vera Wang, and Harland David Sanders

There Is a Certain Age To Start a Business?

The elderly population of the world is increasing, which poses a challenge on the generation of working opportunities for people over 60 years old. Entrepreneurship is an option since age should not be a barrier when it comes to pursuing dreams.

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Do Women Over 45 Have Difficulty Finding Work?

The ability to find a job can become complicated as one's age increases. This fact is especially true for women, who find it difficult to get a job after 45.

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Tips To Take Advantage Of The Day Without VAT

The date of the day without VAT is approaching and here we give you some tips to make the most of it

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How Will the Return of Women To Face-to-Face Work Impact Families?

The family nucleus will be in crisis when, from one moment to another, new protocols are implemented in the return of women to their jobs.

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High Inequality of All Generations of Women in the Post-COVID Era

Women in management positions represent a minimum percentage of 17% in all generations during 2021.

 Nadia Sanchez.

She Is Global Forum, Committed to Closing Gaps Between Men and Women

The Convention Center of the Hilton Hotel in Barranquilla will host the great She Is Global Forum event that will be held between October 28 and 30, 2021. At the head of this great initiative is the Colombian Nadia Sánchez.

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Emotional Intelligence for Being a Visionary Leader

In response to the need for vision and innovation that companies currently require for their success, the concept of visionary leadership has been developed.

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Some Secrets To Achieve Success in Your Business in a Short Time

Learn in The Woman Post the secret that some companies have hidden to succeed.

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She Is Global Forum Is Coming, an Unmissable Event

Our approach at The Woman Post is to make visible women referents who make a difference and are true agents of social and cultural change.

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A Woman Who Builds Smart, Sustainable, and Humane Cities

A coffee with a woman who builds smart, sustainable, and humane cities.


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Give Your Collaborators Opportunities for Improvement

Some leaders tend to believe that negative feedback should not be provided. However, strength-based development can make people think that they do not need improvement.

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Alba Lima's Passion Drives the Automotive Industry in Brazil

More and more women show their tenacity in carrying out jobs in The Automotive Industry sector reaching positions as CEO and senior managers of important companies worldwide.

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Teresa Alarcos in the World of Digital Female Entrepreneurship

The book Entrepreneurs, the Leaders Who Change the World in the Digital Age by Teresa Alarcos, originally written in Spanish, will be available in English in October. Today it can be purchased on Amazon in its digital version.

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Ways To Make Employees Feel Valued

Did you know that when you recognize and show appreciation to employees, their productivity increases?

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The Makeup-Free Work Trend Comes To Stay

There's some professionalism related to how employees present themselves to the office. Nevertheless, the make-up-free trend is taking over, especially since the beginning of the pandemic.

Angela Romero, Founder u0026 CEO at Wholesale Makeup Inc

Angela María Romero, Latino Immigrant With a Successful Venture

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us overcome adversities and use our intelligence to find new opportunities. This is the case of Angela Romero, an empowered Latina who created two successful companies that distribute cosmetics worldwide.

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Discover the Abilities in Your Introverted Collaborators

Although introverts are underestimated by society, they are full of strengths, especially at the workplace.

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How To Improve Your Personal Brand On Social Networks?

Learn here how from the use of social networks you can improve your personal brand