Luz Marina Jaramillo, President of Pavimentos Colombia

Resilient businesswomen: Luz Marina Jaramillo, Pavimentos Colombia

Five days with the most resilient Colombian businesswomen in the face of the crisis

Sylvia Escovar, President of Terpel

Resilient companies: Sylvia Escovar, president of Terpel Colombia

Five days with the most resilient Colombian businesswomen in the face of the pandemic crisis

Delivery, the new footprint of our city

Food deliveries have become an indelible part of the "new normal"

Bailey Cherry

Hong Kong's youngest 15-year-old social entrepreneur

At just 15 years old, Bailey Cherry founded Hong Kong's largest second-use bookstore in 2019.

Manuela Sanchez

This Colombian CEO got an Investment of USD 5 Million for her Startup

Manuela Sánchez is the founder of Laika, one of the most popular sites for getting products and services for pets.

Woman talking to another woman

Women in leadership positions remain rare in Japan

New figures show the little involvement of women in working life

Cover of the book 'Leading Sustainably' by Trista Bridges and Donald Eubank

Changing course, leading in a sustainable way

The book Leading Sustainably promotes the change towards sustainability of the world's companies

Woman with banknotes in her hand

Countries with developed businesses reduce the female wage gap

The World Bank and its allies analyze in a new report, the possibilities of economic growth for women

Woman using a computer

Google proposes that its employees work from home

Is the home office a trend that is here to stay?

Merchandise containers in a port.

How is coronavirus affecting the structure of supply chains?

Coronavirus posed new challenges for supply chains

Woman checking clothes on a rack

Resilience and innovation in the fashion industry in the days of COVID19

Colombians continue to consume fashion products, and the industry continues to produce for a market with new needs due to the pandemic.

The 5 most valuable brands of 2020

These companies have been able to comfortably exceed one hundred billion dollars

Hilary yip

Hillary YiP, at 15 years old, is the youngest CEO in the world

Little Hillary began her journey in the world of technology and entrepreneurship at the age of 10

Woman using a laptop

Linkedln: the 5 most wanted jobs

Professional profiles with a high job offer in the last 10 years

Entrance to the local Blockbuster video store.

The Blockbuster story: its rise and fall

Do you remember Blockbuster? You could be interested in the last remaining one in the world

Cell-based meat from the Memphis company.

Would you give laboratory-made meat to your children?

Chicken, beef, and rabbit meat produced in a laboratory is the innovation of Memphis, the company that aspires to commercialize it

Person holding a bottle of 'Corona' beer and view of a 'Falabella' establishment.

The most valuable companies in Latin American

Within the ranking of the largest Latin American companies in 2020, these are the largest brands in each country present

Man and woman talking in an office.

Why the post-COVID19 business world needs sustainable CEOs

An article published in The World Economic Forum puts on the table the profile of the new business leaders in the global context of COVID19

Exterior view of a Mc Donalds store

The 5 largest and most successful franchises in 2020

This business model allows consumers to enjoy the same experience in any country, and these are the ones that have done it best

Carmen Reinhart.

A Cuban woman would be in command of the World Bank finances

Carmen M. Reinhart, Cuban by birth, has just assumed the role of vice president and chief economist of the World Bank.