The Kardashians and Shradha Sharma

5 Women Entrepreneurs Who Used Social Media To Grow Their Business

Strategically using social media can guarantee the success of a business.

Figure of a house with some keys

Colombia: How to Get a House in Times of Crisis?

Accessing your own home in Colombia could be a utopia due to the social situation that affects the country, related to the pandemic and the social outbreak. However, it is possible, if the various options present through certain entities are still taken into account

Rhea Wong, Meha Agrawal and Kristina Libby

Top CEOs Teach You How To Delegate Assertively

Effectively delegating tasks to your team is essential if you want to grow your business while creating more work-life balance.

Notebook and Diana Cifuentes

What Is a Strategy To Be Successful in an Endeavor?

Diana Cifuentes is a successful businesswoman who thanks life and the people who have accompanied her through thick and thin.


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Resilience Can Be Applied in the Business Sector?

Being resilient has to do with the cognitive flexibility of your brain since the ability to adapt to change and respond to the demands of adversity depends on it.

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Choosing Your Mentor Well Will Depend on How Far You Go

Finding the right mentor is essential. Connecting with a role model starts with working hard and developing a personal reputation of success on platforms like LinkedIn.

Claudia Gómez Estefan and Ana Sarmiento

Colombians Highlighted Among the Spanish Ranking of 100 Leading Women

The ranking of the top 100 Women Leaders in Spain, celebrated its ninth edition in a dynamic gala, organized by the Digital Magazine Mujeres & Cia.

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3 Key and Effective Factors for Women Labour Integration

Job motivation in women depends to a large extent on the nature of the work to be done, the work environment, and the personality.

Katharina Andresen and Austin Russell

The 5 youngest billionaires of 2021

Despite their young age, these young people have fortunes of billions of dollars

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5 Keys to NFTs, the new trend in digital art that generates millions of dollars

These digital works are not tangible, but they can still be valued in millions of dollars. What is it about?

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Focus on Analytics To Be Successful

Many women's businesses can be empowered if they learn the basics of analytics and marketing. Let's see why.

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How To Reduce the Joy Gap at Work?

According to a global poll conducted by Gallup, 85% of the working population is not happy at the workplace.

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5 Myths That Define Productivity and Affect Your Work Rate

There are many tips on how to boost one's productivity, and many of them really work. But at the same time, numerous productivity myths maybe are keeping you from getting stuff done.

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The economic gap between male and female Champions League finalists

Same competition, different gender, but there will be a wide prize gap between the Chelsea vs Manchester City men's final and the Chelsea vs Barcelona women's final

Employee arguing with her boss.

Warning Signs of Gaslighting at Work

Gaslighting is a term used to describe when somebody is being manipulated to doubt their own sanity.

Cryptocurrency coins

All you need to know about investment through ICO

Have you heard people constantly talking about investments in cryptocurrency like Bitcoins these days? Or may be investment through ICO? Does it leave you baffled? Do not worry - we are here to help you out!

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Are Companies Moving Towards Inclusion Well Focused?

Companies are investing more in diversity and inclusion, but their programs are halfway there and very few are succeeding.

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What Happens in Absence of Competent Employee Feedback?

According to studies, 65% of employees expect more feedback than what they are getting

Mauricio Cardenas

Mauricio Cárdenas Opens Paths and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

He believes in professional and entrepreneurial women and their abilities to achieve success as entrepreneurs, in academia, and in business.

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Common Interview Mistakes and What To Do

We bring you the 5 most common mistakes that you may make in a job interview, even if you did not know you were making them.