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Travel cheap: The best vacation destinations in Latin America

Despite the economic crises and the remaining effects of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine that have the dollar skyrocketing, Latin America remains the favorite destination for many travelers this summer

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The Importance of Small Wins To Boost Job Performance

Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer studied the daily activity of 238 workers from 7 companies and analyzed 12,000 notes written down in workers' diaries.

Dara Johnson Treseder, Morgan Flatley and Alessandra Bellini

The 5 Most Influential CMO Women in the World 2022

Meet in The Woman Post the 5 most influential CMO women on the Forbes 2022 list of the world.

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The JASP Generation: Young, But Well Prepared

The JASPs of the '90s are the generation Z of today. Centennials, the first fully digital generation. They were born between two centuries; between 1995 and 2010 and witnessed the 2008 crisis.

Marta Garcia-Valenzuela

UnaDeDos: Initiative That Puts Equality on Foot To Achieve Progress

An initiative called “UnaDeDos” is a training focused on leadership given by a leading figure in the sector: Marta García-Valenzuela, an expert in sustainable leadership and diversity

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Getting Rid Of Perfectionism Will Boost Your Productivity

Perfectionism is one of those traits that some people classify as admirable. Those who have it proudly boast about it, while those who don't commend those who do. However, it can become a double-edged sword when it comes to productivity.

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How To Elegantly End Your Employment Link

If someone opens the door of their house for you to enter, leave without slamming the door. Likewise, when you walk away from a job, do it with style and professionalism, no matter the cause or reason for the walk out.

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Business Diversity: the Benefits It Can Bring to the Work Environment

The greater the inclusion and diversity of work, the better the performance that a company can have. Learn about some of the benefits of having a diverse staff

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Opinion: Latin America Does Not Have to Give Up Exploiting Its Resources

In the region, environmental sectors are calling for a change from extractivist policies to a greater use of renewable energy, but it is not Latin America that should bear the greatest burden

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Gratitude + Appreciation: Infallible Recipe for Motivating Employees

Studies prove that influential people express less gratitude. Why is it so important for leaders to understand the impact of the word thank you?

Whitney Wolfe, CEO of Bumble and World's Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the mastermind behind Bumble, one of the top online-dating companies that went public via Nasdaq and stood out among other apps due to its women empowerment philosophy.

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How To Achieve the Balance Between Well-Being and Productivity?

After two years of pandemic and social isolation, the increase in flexible work, productivity, and teleworking in the service area was reflected.

Top 5 Reasons to Amplify Your Videos on Pinterest

In a world where video has taken over the internet and most social media sites, it's no surprise that Pinterest has jumped on board — and they're encouraging users to amp up their video presence to get noticed!

Maria Pia Zambrano

María Pía Zambrano: We Are Perfectly Imperfect

María Pía Zambrano is the executive president of Laboratorios Windsor, a company with more than 50 years of presence in the Ecuadorian market. 

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To Dance, It Takes Two and To Fight Too

Analyzing what tools are available to change anxiety, hostility, tension, or bad temper for openness and disposition can make a big difference.

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How To Choose a Job You Deserve

During the last two years, due to the pandemic, human beings have reconsidered many aspects of their lives, including the work aspect and everything that entails deciding to opt for a job.

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Female Leadership Has Begun To Redefine in a Positive Way

In developed societies, it is unimaginable not to find female representation in fields such as politics, entrepreneurship, or at a social level.

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Why Do Women Feel Excluded at Work?

Many women find it challenging to socialize during or after work hours. Their commitments with family, house chores, and busy nights limit them from connecting with senior colleagues and advancing in their careers.

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Tips To Make Your Virtual Meetings Really Pleasant

With the arrival of virtual work, our agendas have been filled with meetings and events that occupy much of our daily time. Sometimes, we are overwhelmed by so many meetings that they become monotonous.

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Why is social capital the most valuable asset for business?

 Skills, talent, and experience are important, but they will not lead you to great achievements if you do not know how to work effectively with other people.  Money, power, information - all these resources can be obtained faster and easier if you successfully build cooperation with people