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Not even the most experienced companies are exempt from making mistakes, and in their cases, the cost of them is multimillionaire

Brexit: the consequences of uncertainty

The constant delays with Brexit implementation have come to affect the British economy

The Manchester United's 'class of 92' gets into the business world

The successful generation of Manchester United, returns the hand to Salford City, the team that catapulted them to world football, by beginning to venture into the business of this sport

How many women hold important positions in Latin American companies?

In Spain, less than 20% of companies have women occupying key positions. In Latin America, the figure is not even a fifth of this

How much does it cost to Rome to compete for the best film Oscar?

In addition to having a great movie, it is necessary to pay millions in a good promotion campaign, this year Rome was the star

Which players score the most expensive goals in European football?

Algunos podrían pensar que los goles de Lionel Messi y Cristiano Ronaldo son los más caros, pero al hacer un promedio entre el salario y los goles marcados por temporada, tomamos sorpresas.

A new chapter in the US war against Huawei

The trade war between China and the United States has been hard for the technological giant, which is again in the sights of the US government

Ecuador: the debt that puts the 2019 soccer championship at risk

Ecuadorian Arbitration Association president denounced a debt of USD 500,000 and announced the possibility of taking de extreme measures

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During this century, the music industry in South Korea has exploded with K-pop. How much money moves through these artists?

Winter market: which have been the biggest transfers in this season?

Winter transfers often stay behind with those that take place in summer, but that does not mean that some important business is not done

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Manchester United: a team that's worth millions

The 'Red Devils' is one of the most valuable teams in the world, above some such as Real Madrid, Barcelona or Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus

Why are there soccer teams with company names?

Red Bull and Philips are just some of the companies that are part of the names of well-known football clubs, in these cases, it's more than a sponsorship

Fights, drugs and alcohol: the delays of Tottenham

The remodeling of the house of Tottenham of England goes for long, not for its difficulty or lack of economic resources, but for its workers

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The economic crisis that Venezuela is going through is under the focus of the international gaze. Are there businesses that thrive despite the crisis?

Nissan Scandal: Do you know who Carlo Ghosn is?

One hour after Ghosn's capture, Renault shares suffered a 6% collapse in the Paris stock exchange

These are Amazon's new headquarters

After a tough competition, Crystal City in Virginia and Long Island City in New York were left with the first places to be the new headquarters of Amazon

Do you know which are the most expensive players in Latin America's football leagues?

Although the astronomical figures do not reach those in Europe, in Latin America some soccer players border the 20 million euros

These are the 10 companies with the highest gender equity in the workplace

The new ranking of gender equality in the workplace of the Equileap company reveals the best companies in this field, but it also shows that there is still a lot of work to be done