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The Labor Gap in Colombia as a Consequence of COVID-19

More than 2.5 million women were unemployed in the last year and the majority are engaged in domestic jobs.

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Companies Could Take Better Advantage of the Female Leadership Style

Prejudice and microaggressions continue to hinder women's path to executive positions in their companies.

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Reduce the Annual Cost of Business Utilities by Clamping Down on Water Bills

Business utilities are supposed to be resources that are essential for a business to generate revenue

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International Trade: What to expect in 2021?

The dependence and interconnection of the international system facilitated the spread of the Coronavirus and accelerated the global economic decline

Marie Forleo and Angie Hicks

Memorable Quotes From Incredibly Successful Entrepreneurs

More than words, quotes are sources of wisdom in which a person tries to pass on a life lesson learned to others.

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Telework, A Window to Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is easy to identify in physical spaces. But, it is happening that women receive messages with offensive sexual content, unwanted or inappropriate calls while telecommuting.

Adriana Quiroga, José Lozano and Iliana Aparicio

Home Office Offers Better Management and Productivity

Labor dynamics have undergone a series of changes over the past several years.

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Payroll Software Providers: What are the Pre and Post Payroll Processes you need to carry out?

Payroll is an important factor in any company. A small mistake in payroll leads to serious damage

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Successful Women Have Developed These Habits

Unlike what happened a few decades ago, now is a good time to be a woman. 

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What is short selling and why is it such a controversial move?

The world of investing can be really complex. Therefore, we will explain what it means to short sell  and why it is a criticized practice

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What are unicorn companies and why could they be vital for Latin America?

The future of global markets could be influenced by these types of companies

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Tips for Effective Leadership

One of the critical responsibilities you have as a leader is to unlock the potential of those around you. 


Maria Eva Gonzalez

Help Others to Break Glass Ceilings

Help the one who has trouble getting there.

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Everyone Needs One Untouchable Day

Getting away from all distractions can significantly help you to improve your productivity and boost your mood.

Marcos Galperin and Iris Fontbona

The 5 Latin American countries with the most billionaires

The largest number of billionaires in the region reside in these Latin American countries

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3D printers and a possible solution to the Latin American housing problem

Little by little, we began to make friends with printers that are capable of forming thousands of objects. However, are they capable of generating large structures?

Rihanna, Whitney Wolfe and Donna Carpenter

These Women Achieved The Greatest Riches By Themselves

The following women leaders have made it to Forbes' ranking of America's Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs and Executives.

Luisa Fernanda Valderrama

Luisa Fernanda Valderrama or The Lesson of Walking Through Thick and Thin

She felt the discrimination of her friends who made fun of her because she smelled of gasoline and diesel, not perfume.


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Bitcoin: the story of pizza that today would be worth more than 230 million dollars

Can you imagine buying a pizza and that, after a few years, it would cost millions of dollars? It's what happened to an American programmer

Silvina Moschini

Skills that Stand Out Towards The Conquest of Job Opportunities

As an entrepreneur, Argentine Silvina Moschini has impacted the world of digital transformation in work settings.