Woman in a job interview

Common Interview Mistakes and What To Do

We bring you the 5 most common mistakes that you may make in a job interview, even if you did not know you were making them.

Noeline kirabo

Turn Your Passion Into a Successful Career

Noeline Kirabo has dedicated her life to stimulate job creation by identifying and empowering entrepreneurial youth to turn their passions into profitable, scalable, and sustainable enterprises.

Young woman working from home

Healthy Habits for Teleworkers

We all remember those days in which we could take active breaks by drinking coffee with our workmates.

Kate wang

Kate Wang, Her Empire of Over 5 Billion Dollars

According to Forbes, CEO Kate Wang became a self-made billionaire in three years after creating her vaping company RLX.

Pregnant woman working at an office

Work to Live or Live to Work?

The instability between working life and personal life is exacerbated when working women are observed.

Bitcoin coins

The 5 richest billionaires thanks to cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market grows more and more, to the point of giving billions of dollars to its first large investors

Woman at an office

Why Do Women Find It Difficult To Get Promoted at Work?

Job opportunities are very different for men and women, something that can be seen when it comes to getting a promotion.

Woman smiling at office

4-Day Workweek Boosted Workers' Productivity

Have you ever thought about what our work life would be like if we only worked four times a week?


Sydney Barber, Adeola Ogunmola, and Marwa Elselehdar

The Future of Women and Work

As a way to promote the recruitment of women, the Swiss Army is ceasing to provide men’s underwear to female recruits.

Beth cobert

Hiring by Skills Instead of Titles

Beth Cobert, Chief Operating Officer at Markle Foundation, addresses what companies should do differently to benefit from diverse talent.

Woman looking through a window.

Why Does Impostor Syndrome Affect More on Women?

Personal insecurity can cause many people not to recognize their own achievements. However, this can be worse in women.

Group of medical professionals at the ICU ready for coronavirus patients

9 Jobs With the Most Current Demand in Latin America

The pandemic dealt a hard blow to economic indicators in all Latin American countries, increasing unemployment and taking it to high levels.

Kylie Jenner and Katharina G. Andresen

The World's Youngest Female Billionaires

There's a reason why only 0.00003% of the world population hits billionaire’s status.

Woman using a laptop

Why Women Do Not Apply for Positions in Companies

You have a problem if you detect that no woman applies to your jobs, and here we tell you the possible reasons.

Amazon facilities

Without crisis: The 5 brands that grew the most in 2020

Despite the pandemic and the economic crisis it caused, these 5 brands increased in value throughout 2020

Street in Mexico

Purchasing Properties in Mexico and Peru

Real estate in Mexico and Peru is a great choice for todays’ investors. It offers many great benefits including full ROI and net worth rise

Small farmers

How Coronavirus Can Affect Farming

The coronavirus pandemic is having a significant impact on the agricultural sphere, causing disruption of its processes

Bill and Melinda Gates

The 5 billionaires who have donated the most money

Beyond the large sums of money that these billionaires have, they have also contributed with donations that over the years reached surprising figures

View of the Bancolombia Building from the Industriales Station, Medellín.

Responsible Companies During the Pandemic

It is worth highlighting those companies that not only kept employees on the payroll but also for their leadership in social responsibility.

PR for everyone

Latin America Leads in Female Entrepreneurship

Approximately 49.6% of our world population is represented by women who are an important part of the economic development of their nations.