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Carolina Angarita: Woman Who Stands Out for her Courage and Leadership

Carolina has successfully faced great challenges such as being at the helm of Google in Colombia and of RCN's digital business.

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There is high demand for young freelancers

The coronavirus pandemic changed the structures of many businesses, including job opportunities for those starting to work

Domestic workers highly affected by the coronavirus

The Latin American domestic workers sector was one of the most affected by the crisis

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Girl Boss Habits Every Female Entrepreneur Needs

Being a female entrepreneur is not easy. Balancing personal life and work can be very challenging.

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Can a moving company also be a logistics company?

Moving company and logistics company are two terms used interchangeably. But, are moving companies and logistic companies the same?

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Canon vs Nikon: the rivalry of the most popular cameras

When we talk about photography, we automatically associate it with these two brands

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The four oldest companies in the world

Betting on a company can be difficult in times of coronavirus. However, what happens when you've been on the market for centuries?

Angela Merkel

The 5 Most Powerful Women on the Globe

The following women are on the list of The World's 100 Most Powerful Women according to Forbes.

Charlie D'Amelio, Josh Richards and Addison Rae

Top 5 Tik Tok “celebrities” who earn the most money

Beyond having fun, these Tiktokers earn millions of dollars thanks to their content published on Tik Tok

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Smart Tips for Setting Up a Business in Texas

Many entrepreneurs rightly see Texas as a land of opportunity

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5 Unconventional Ways To Find New Real Estate Clients

Are you a real estate agent looking for new and interesting ways to grow your business? If so, then finding new clients is definitely the first step to take

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What is the right to digital disconnection?

Let's see what this right would consist of

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Centennials, the generation that changed the customer-banking relationship

Centennials represent 35% of the world's population and it is estimated that this year they will exceed 2.56 billion people

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Cryptocurrency For Business

If you’re a business owner, you want to offer your customers the best service possible and there are several ways to do it

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What Is The Current State Of Contactless Payments And the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has reshaped the ways in which we interact in the modern world today

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How To Grow your Business Brand on Instagram?

Instagram can be very important to get more sales and customers, but the key is to do it right.

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4 Tips for Women to Achieve Promotion

According to Women in the Workplace 2019, a study conducted by McKinsey, while for every 100 men promoted, only 72 women achieve.

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What new research reveals about rude workplace emails

Electronic communication is efficient, but it's also distant and detached, and often can be rude

Yennie Ramírez Rivera, President of SIESUA

Resilient Entrepreneurs: Yenny Ramírez Rivera CEO of SIESUA

Standing without feeling that there will be an end has been the key to staying firm and sustaining your company during the crisis

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Are we prepared to work at night?

The quarantine is changing the labor landscape, including the possibility of making hours more flexible. Is it convenient to work night hours?