Friends out shopping together

How customers search for hedonic versus utilitarian purchases

 A new paper in the Journal of Marketing examines information channel usage patterns across customer journeys.

Woman standing on the center table with four people on the side.

A lifesaving reason to have more women on boards

Having women on boards could prevent firms from making a fatal mistake sooner than men. 

Person holding medicines.

Female directors are quicker to recall dangerous medical products

Severe product problems that injure or kill consumers are recalled much faster when there are women on the board

Shopping cart next to a computer.

Coronavirus accelerated the E-Commerce ‘boom’

Trading over the Internet has become a 'lifesaver' so that companies do not end the pandemic in the red

Person using a laptop.

How to win more B2B contracts with effective e-sales

How to improve communications in order to provide sellers with insights into buyers' behavioral responses to salespersons' communications?

Man wearing a biological protection suit looking through a microscope.

Study shows best practices to protect healthcare workers from COVID-19

Exactly zero Hong Kong healthcare workers contracted COVID-19 after six weeks of the outbreak. 

Two women talking.

Highlighting women's achievements makes them want to be the boss

Highlighting female achievements in the workplace makes capable women significantly more likely to want to be the boss, a study shows

Illustration of a pyramid and the peso sign.

What are the risks of pyramid schemes?

Thanks to social networks, more and more “business opportunities” are promising good results and financial independence.

Woman wearing blue dress and hat.

Consumer value products more on sunny and snowy days

Weather affects how we value products more than we know

Woman conducting banking operations on a laptop.

Lulo Bank arrives to Colombia

The entity promises to be a 100% digital bank without physical offices. Here we tell you what you should know about the neobank.

Group of people in a competition.

What is the best way to encourage innovation?

Economists and business leaders agree that innovation is a major force behind economic growth, but many disagree on what is the best way to encourage workers to produce the "think-outside-of-the-box" ideas

Group of people having a meeting.

There are some overlooked key attributes of effective leaders

These four distinct series of mindsets to engage, navigate change and lead more effectively make the best leaders.

Group of people watching a laptop.

Women-only business groups marginalize and fail to empower members

Women-only business networks fail to boost female entrepreneurship and instead serve to marginalize further the very people they seek to help

Manager reviewing documents in a meeting.

Sustainability strategies more successful when managers believe in them

Cass research finds sustainability strategies can enhance a firm's mainstream business strategy.

Group of people in a business meeting.

Good connections key to startup success

The future potential of early-stage startups can be assessed by their existing professional relationships.

People sitting around desks in an office.

How coworkers impact the value of your skills

Research at Harvard's Growth Lab finds that skills of coworkers may matter as much as a worker's own skills in achieving higher income

Two men driving bicycles through the city.

Maximizing bike-share ridership: New research says it's all about location

A 10% increase in bike-availability levels boosts ridership by 12%.

Woman cooking in the kitchen.

Unpaid women's work is actually a real job

Household and care work has been performed especially by women. This work takes most of the women's time a day, but as it is unpaid, it doesn't let women be economically autonomous.

Person holding a credit card while using the computer.

This is the key for a successful online banking service 

The nature of online banking is the cause of the reticence of the over-55s to use it as they do not feel comfortable navigating the 'digital world'.

Man training a rottweiler.

5 Low-cost business ideas for animal lovers

Everyone loves animals, but few people are able to turn that love into a business. So here are some ways you can do it.