Mechanic Bernardo Garcia stands in front of his Volkswagen Beetle

As Beetle ends, iconic original thrives in Mexico City hills

The Beetle is dead. Long live the Beetle

Ecuadorian protester holding a sign that says 'We agree, Chevron is not above the law'

Chevron: Ecuadorian plaintiffs withdraw in Canada a lawsuit against the company

Residents of the Ecuadorian region of Lago Agrio have been trying to force Chevron to pay for water and soil contamination between 1964 and 1992 caused by Texaco, which Chevron acquired in 2001

Collection of VW beetles car toys seen on Volkswagen Beetle

From Nazis to hippies to Puebla: End of the road for Volkswagen Beetle

It's the end for a vehicle that has symbolized many things over a history spanning eight decades since 1938

A CITGO refinery in Sulfur

Citgo's legal issues continue to affect Venezuelan government

Citgo is considered the most valuable foreign asset of Venezuela and it is now in a legal dispute between Maduro and Guaidó in USA's courts 

Trabajadores brasileños le dan un color a una pieza de cuero que se usará para fabricar zapatos en una fábrica en Novo Hamburgo, en el estado de Rio Grande do Sul, el 5 de agosto de 2010.

Major companies found using courts to avoid Brazil's slave labor 'dirty list'

A dozen firms that were found by the government to have engaged in slave labor have gone to court to halt a two-year inclusion on the list

Anko Van der Weff en un avión de Avianca

Anko van der Werff: responsible for leading the recovery of Avianca

What does the first president of the post-Eframovich era have to offer for the second largest airline in Latin America?

Avion de Boeing - Avión de Airbus

What can Boeing do to continue competing with Airbus?

To leave behind the bad year that this will be for Boeing after the incidents with the 737 MAX, a change of strategy is necessary

Control Play Station - Control Xbox

The gaming consoles war: who won in this generation?

Microsoft and Sony have already given details about their new gaming consoles, a sign that the end is near for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One

Avión de Airbus - Mapa de Latinoamerica

Airbus bets on Latin America

Air taxis are already a reality in Sao Paulo and Mexico City

A strategic thinking talk with the director of Fog Dog Colombia

Taking advantage of the fact that Fog Dog recently started operations in the Colombian territory, we spoke with Adriana Pineda, its director in Colombia

What the end of Game of Thrones could financially mean for HBO

With the end of its most popular series, HBO and its owner, AT&T, are preparing for an exodus of subscribers and they must know how to manage it

What the merger of Renault with Fiat Chrysler would mean

The possibility that these two giants would unite would change the automotive world and create the third largest manufacturer in the industry

Digital marketing: women, their footprint and impact on major brands

Women show that they generate more and more impact and open spaces in the sectors related to marketing and the digital economy

What is the origin of Avianca's dangerous crisis?

The airline reports millions of losses and accumulates considerable debt, where did these problems come from and where would they take them?

How good is the relationship between Carlos Slim and AMLO?

Although AMLO said that his relationship with the businessman is still good, since he became president, there have been indications that suggest otherwise

Maternity and technology: Get to know the most lucrative and successful startups

As more women interested in technology become mothers, the offer of products and services on digital platforms is growing

What the acquisition of Hulu by Disney means

After the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, and despite the release of Disney +, Disney will have complete control over one of Netflix's biggest competitors.

These are the most valuable brands of alcoholic beverages in Latin America

When it comes to liquors and beers, some of the most valuable brands in the world come from this region

Venture capital: the biggest gender gap in business

Of all the risk capital raised in 2018, only 2.2% went to companies led by women

Meet the most important companies born in coworking spaces

The benefits of coworking were key for companies like Uber to reach where they are now