Disney buys 21st Century Fox: a monopoly on entertainment?

Since March 20, Disney becomes the owner of 21st Century Fox and has access to a wide range of franchises and characters

These are the most expensive teams from the Copa América

Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia have the most expensive teams of the Copa América, which will begin on June 14


Cannabis in Uruguay: a potential market

Cannabis continues to be relevant to highlight a potential market in terms of investment, income, and diversification of the Uruguayan economy

Formula 1: this is what teams pay for each car

Formula One 2019 is about to start and here we tell you why it is considered one of the most expensive sports on the planet

How much will it cost to Boeing suspending its 737 MAX?

Several models of aircraft have been disabled by authorities and airlines after concerns about their safety: now it is the turn of the 737 Max 8

Meet Karren Brady: the football 'First Lady'

Executive, activist and television personality, Brady is one of the most influential women in the football business

How much does it cost to a team to get kicked out of the Champions League?

Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain, two of the most expensive teams in the world of football, were left out of the Champions League. How much money did they stop receiving?

Identifiers for women's companies: a worthy strategy for Latin America

In the United States there is already more than one way of knowing what businesses belong to women, being this a help to support other women who, together, can make a difference

Is Latin America at the forefront of financial innovation?

A study promoted by Visa demonstrates the innovation of the companies of the main powers of the region to make card payments

Airbus A380: why did it lose the war against Boeing?

The A380 was, for many, the plane of the future, but it did not respond to market pressures and now the production is going to be over

Didi Chuxing plans to conquer Latin America and displace Uber

The transport application has already displaced Uber from China and the same happened in Southeast Asia. Now they plan to get Latin America's market

This was the multimillionaire business of the AAF, an alternative to the NFL

On February the 9th, the first game of the AAF was played, a football league that hopes to be a viable alternative to the NFL. Behind it, there are multimillion-dollar investments

Liverpool and its financial boom

The process of the German Jûrgen Klopp brought sporting goals and also the financial collection that has surpassed all the expectations in the Reds

Revista Semana is betting on digital journalism

The new agreement of Gilinski Group with Publicaciones Semana opens an opportunity for the creation of an economic portal that is competitive and comparable to Bloomberg


Which is the best Latin American airline?

The growing competition between Avianca and Latam and its intention to dominate the market has led to the growth of its products and services


The 5 most expensive business mistakes in history

Not even the most experienced companies are exempt from making mistakes, and in their cases, the cost of them is multimillionaire

Brexit: the consequences of uncertainty

The constant delays with Brexit implementation have come to affect the British economy

The Manchester United's 'class of 92' gets into the business world

The successful generation of Manchester United, returns the hand to Salford City, the team that catapulted them to world football, by beginning to venture into the business of this sport

How many women hold important positions in Latin American companies?

In Spain, less than 20% of companies have women occupying key positions. In Latin America, the figure is not even a fifth of this

How much does it cost to Rome to compete for the best film Oscar?

In addition to having a great movie, it is necessary to pay millions in a good promotion campaign, this year Rome was the star