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Leadership + Humor: Infallible Recipe for Better Results

Behavioral scientist Jennifer Aaker and bestselling author Naomi Bagdonas teach a class at Standford Business School about the power of humor in leadership. According to Aaker, humor is a teachable skill that shouldn't be underappreciated at work.

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Does Working From Home Increase Performance?

Several analyses show that teleworking and the home office have become much more productive than working in an office for some years now.

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Why Women Volunteer for Non-Promotable Tasks?

There are tasks in every organization that doesn't contribute to a worker's career advancement. However, research conducted by Harvard Bussiness Review suggests that these tasks disproportionately fall on women.

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Take Advantage of the Power of Know-How in the Labor Market

The current labor trend shows that the most vital power of the human being is not housed in physical strength but mental strength and knowledge. That is why the labor position of women is on the rise.

Verónica Pascual Boé, Paz Fernández de Vera and Arancha Martínez Fernández

Women Entrepreneurs Who Make a Difference

Meet in The Woman Post the most innovative women in the labor market who participate with great perspective, creative opinions, and meaningful experiences facing significant challenges in their professional lives.

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Promising Future for Women at Work

Several studies agree that women have turned the workforce around in recent years, despite all the gaps and the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis.

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5 Self-Coaching Techniques To Solve Any Problem

According to Marisa Peer, world-renowned speaker, Hypnotherapist, and bestselling author, self-coaching is simple once people understand the three beliefs hidden behind every problem.

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Do You Want To Be a Content Creator? So You Can Monetize Your Social Networks

Getting an economic benefit from your social networks is possible in the midst of the digital age. We tell you how it works in each social network


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The Best Companies to Work for In Latin America

The social network specialized in the business world, Linkedin, recently released a list of the best companies to work for in Latin America

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Sajú: A Dream Based on Recycling

The environmental situation of the contemporary world has become the primary source of inspiration for entrepreneurs, who have found business ideas in the ecological activities promoted to combat climate change.

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Why Are Women Leaders Expected To Be Sympathetic?

Sympathy became a dilemma related to the structure of the female brain and the ability to adapt to new times.

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The Secret To Be a Successful Leader

The ability of leaders to be sources of positive energy gives them an extraordinary advantage. As proof of it, they can turn around failing companies, resolve problems more effectively, and revitalize burned-out people.

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Tone Policing Most Often Targets Black Women

Tone policing happens when someone shifts a discussion to someone's tone or approach instead of the message itself. This microaggression most often targets black women.

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Gallery: The Wealthy Owners Of Social Media

With the imminent purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, we decided to review the owners of the most important and popular social media

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Women's Challenges in Setting Up Businesses

Many women want to start businesses, but they have to face many barriers and challenges. Which are they, and how can they be overcome?

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3 Tips To Run a Successful Business in 2022

Women with their values strengthen the family and impact the constant growth of society. As proof of it, disruptive female groups are constantly searching to close the gender gap that drowns them non-stop but keeps them strong.

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7 Ways To Find Meaning at Work

Most of us seek a job that feels meaningful. We like to feel like we can make a difference by spending our time on a greater purpose. But what is that purpose?

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Digitalize Your Entrepreneurship To Obtain Success

If you have a foundation, an NGO, or an enterprise already formalized, this is the opportunity to apply to the Women Digitize Your Entrepreneurship program that Innovus Business School will deliver.

Madrid Woman's Week 2022: The Transmedia Event That Promotes Real Gender Equality

Women adopt a dominant managerial style to promote gender equality because the feminine style isn't taken seriously enough. For this reason, the Woman's Week Foundation touched on this topic during the XII meeting in March.

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There Are Times When We Just Need To Make Decisions

Around the world, women and girls are considerably underrepresented: From politics and entertainment to the workplace.