Nike: the great winner with the return of Tiger Woods' triumph

With the golfer's last achievement, Nike won 23 million dollars in exhibition according to the analysis of Apex Marketing after the triumph in Augusta

Better and cheaper? Chinese companies are threatening Apple and Samsung

While the profits of Apple and Samsung declined by the end of 2018, those of Huawei, Xiaomi, and Lenovo increased

Which are the most valuable MLB teams?

The largest baseball league in the world continues to produce record profits. Here the most benefited teams

Is this the most expensive transfer season in history?

Soccer stars and others of lesser renown players, but not less expensive, promise to warm up the 'grid' of signings for this next season

The owners of the Grindr App are in trouble

The dating application for the LGBTQ community is in trouble in the United States, where they accuse it of being a threat to national security

Fortune 500 companies: they are their female CEOs

The Fortune 500 list revealed that only 24 women are among the CEOs of the companies. Who are they? In what fields do they work?

Aramco: the most profitable company in the world

The revealed net income of the Saudi state oil company surpassed those of Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft together

Pharmaceutical industry in trouble: two large companies face lawsuits

The lawsuits have challenged the work ethic of the pharmaceutical industry, within which Novartis and Purdue Pharma are key players

How much did the owners of Krispy Kreme donated after discovering their Nazi ties?

After an investigation published by Bild, the spokesman of the Reimann family confirmed the links between ancestors of the family and the Nazi regime

The finances of Manchester United take off under the command of Ole

The former player was appointed as permanent technical director of the most valuable club in England and is already having a positive impact on the club's finances

McDonald's surprises with a technological purchase of USD $300 million

The Israeli company Dynamic Yield and its new technology will improve both sales and customer experience

Disney buys 21st Century Fox: a monopoly on entertainment?

Since March 20, Disney becomes the owner of 21st Century Fox and has access to a wide range of franchises and characters

These are the most expensive teams from the Copa América

Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia have the most expensive teams of the Copa América, which will begin on June 14


Cannabis in Uruguay: a potential market

Cannabis continues to be relevant to highlight a potential market in terms of investment, income, and diversification of the Uruguayan economy

Formula 1: this is what teams pay for each car

Formula One 2019 is about to start and here we tell you why it is considered one of the most expensive sports on the planet

How much will it cost to Boeing suspending its 737 MAX?

Several models of aircraft have been disabled by authorities and airlines after concerns about their safety: now it is the turn of the 737 Max 8

Meet Karren Brady: the football 'First Lady'

Executive, activist and television personality, Brady is one of the most influential women in the football business

How much does it cost to a team to get kicked out of the Champions League?

Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain, two of the most expensive teams in the world of football, were left out of the Champions League. How much money did they stop receiving?

Identifiers for women's companies: a worthy strategy for Latin America

In the United States there is already more than one way of knowing what businesses belong to women, being this a help to support other women who, together, can make a difference

Is Latin America at the forefront of financial innovation?

A study promoted by Visa demonstrates the innovation of the companies of the main powers of the region to make card payments