Uber crisis

Uber: the crisis deepens

Jo Bertram, Northern Europe’s manager resigns

Latin America: Microcredit and Microfinance

Latin America: Microcredit and Microfinance

Blockchain and microcredits can solve world poverty

Bolivia: the largest commercial hub?

Bolivia: the largest commercial hub?

A $120 million-dollar credit to boost transportation for the next 40 years

United States: Fewer taxes for the rich

United States: Fewer taxes for the rich

A measure to benefit the middle class

Amazon could become Tech's top retailer by 2025

Amazon could become Tech's top retailer by 2025

It’s no fairytale, Jeff Bezos indeed has a plan of how to achieve this ambitious target

United States and China face a debt crisis

United States and China face a debt crisis

Should we wait until the effects of the aggressive recovery policies fill the world with jobs, industry, and value?

Colombia's tourism industry

Colombia's tourism industry benefits from peace deal

After the deal was signed in 2016, Colombia has had an inflow increase of 14.5 % compared to 2015

Brazil oil

Canada And Brazil could jeopardize oil market balance

There are two other major oil producers in the Americas whose production is set to increase this year, and over the next five years: Canada and Brazil.

Pacific Alliance

Pacific Alliance looks to Asia as NAFTA, TPP face uncertainty

Pacific Alliance countries are in talks with countries including Australia and New Zealand to expand the trade bloc outside of Latin America.

Colombian Coffee

Coffee market on the fence over Colombian crop

Colombia's coffee output in April, the first month of the mitaca harvest, tumbled 20% year on year to 834,000 bags

Uruguay: A new marijuana economy?

Uruguay is on the verge of implementing legal cultivation, sale and consumption of marijuana. What will be the economic implications of these policies?

The Peruvian energy sector won't slow down

Despite one of the worst winters in Peruvian history, the energy sector remains optimistic.

Organising against the gig economy: lessons from Latin America?

New strategies of organisation and workers’ control in Latin America suggest ways to tackle the insecurity of the gig economy.

Most influential brands in Brazil are tech companies

This year’s survey shows Google ranking top, followed by YouTube, Facebook and Microsoft.

The Venezuelan crisis could strengthen Russia’s position in the U.S.

In a strange turn of events, Venezuela’s crisis could lead to Russia gain control of 4% of the U.S. oil infrastructure.

Colombia bets on the auto industry: pros and cons

Colombia and Argentina signed an agreement to promote the auto industry. What are its pros and cons?

China becomes Chile's leading wine market

China overtook the United States in 2016 to become Chile's No. 1 wine market, Angelica Valenzuela, commercial director of Vinos de Chile

Bogotá International Book Fair: The state of the Colombian publishing industry

On April 25, Bogotá will have its International Book Fair. We spoke with the Executive President of the Colombian Chamber of Books about it.

Colombia wants to unite scientific research and businesses

The “Spin-off” project, which seeks to transfer knowledge from Colombian schools to businesses, could have a big push in 2017.

Why is NAFTA bidding for a World Cup? Follow the money

The soccer federations of the United States, Mexico and Canada have announced their long-awaited tripartite bid to host soccer’s World Cup in 2026, and soccer cognoscenti know why: Cash money dollar bills.