Sergio Ramos and Tom Holland

The best celebrity scandals on social media

The use of social networks can generate some errors that lead to scandals, especially among celebrities. Let's see the most iconic cases

Emma Watson during a speech

These Voices Call For Changes in the Entertainment Industry

Here are the most famous entertainment names advocating for gender equality and women's rights.

Frame from the Marvel Studio's Black Widow trailer

Movies That We Will Undoubtedly Enjoy in This New Year

The confinement situation due to the current pandemic has definitely increased our love for series and movies.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his family, Jennifer López and Lineisy Montero

New Years eve of the Celebrities

The biosecurity measures to avoid contagion of Covid-19 were not an impediment for these celebrities to welcome 2021

Charlotte nebres

The Nutcracker, a Tradition That is Also Modernized

Charlotte Nebres, 11, is the first black ballerina to win the coveted role of Marie, the young heroine in the story of "The Nutcracker."

Still from the films 'Holidate' and 'Last Christmas'

The Perfect Time to Enjoy These Movies

The Christmas season is perfect for getting cozy and enjoying the best movies in the comfort of your home.

Britney Spears

Fight for Autonomy

Britney recently lost a legal battle surrounding the conservatorship to remove her father's control over her estate.

Emma Roberts, Ashley Tisdale,

The Maternity Experience for 5 Celebrities in Quarantine

Hollywood baby announcements are the gift of 2020 that continues to give as they represent a bundle of happiness.

Sofia Vergara

The Highest Paid Actresses in Hollywood in 2020

The top paid actresses made their money from streaming deals, creative contracts, and good old-fashioned television. 

Poster of 'Un Canto x Colombia'

What can the entertainment industry do in the face of atrocity?

Here are some reflections and reactions of celebrities to what happened this week in Colombia

Maluma and Neymar JR

The story behind Maluma and Neymar's drama

We have been tracking this gossip for a week, here we have it summarized

Billie eilish

Billie Eilish and celebrities at the start of the presidential campaign

Should celebrities get involved in politics?

Cameron Diaz

"I have peace in my soul", Cameron Diaz

What motivated Cameron Diaz to leave acting and the world of cinema?

Selena Gomez

Where was Selena Gomez?

After months without addressing her 185 million followers on Instagram, the singer surprises with a candid video message with her best style

Charlize Theron and Milla Jovovich

Successful action movies actresses in Their 40s

Here's a list of the most successful Hollywood actresses in their 40s better known for her performances in action movies.

Cameron Diaz and Rihanna

3 celebrities who are now successful businesswoman

Celebrities who quit their artistic career for new businesses.

Naya Rivera

We remember Naya Rivera and mourn her death

Here are some memories of her role as Santana in Glee

Viola Davis

Black Lives Matter in the film industry, the complaints do not stop

A video of Viola Davis criticizing the film industry went viral recently

Kanye West

Kanye West announces he is running for president

Here's all about the announcement of the rapper and fashion designer.

Cyrus War

About Ciro Guerra: Should we cancel celebrities for their accusations?

This week the case of Ciro Guerra, Colombian director, was made public. Should we cancel him?