Rihanna’s pregnancy: the most creative maternity announcements in recent times

The eccentricity of some celebrities is not limited to their career , for example, also in the way they announce their pregnancy. Regarding the news of Rihanna’s pregnancy, we bring you the most original announcements.

Man on stage

Can Actors Live From One Role?

Can Hollywood actors get royalties for the rest of their lives from only one role? Let's find out!

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears: Does the Family War Continue?

After being released from guardianship months ago, Britney Spears is once again having a family confrontation. This is the timeline of Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears' feud.


Zendaya Has Been Garnering Attention With Her Overwhelming Personality

At only 25 years old, Zendaya has become one of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry. The former Disney star became the youngest drama actress in winning an Emmy and the love interest of Spider-Man.

Vicente Fernández, Carmen Salinas and Johnny Ventura

Latino Celebrities that Passed Away in 2021

On the eve of 2022 we remember some of the Latino celebrities who died in 2021 and whose death we will continue to mourn

Vicente Fernandez

6 Stunning Facts You Did Not Know About Vicente Fernández

This Sunday, December 12, Vicente Fernández died at the age of 81, due to a severe fall he suffered at his ranch in Guadalajara. We bring you 6 curious facts about Vicente Fernández

Nicole Byer, Amy Schumer and Hannah Gadsby

These Women Comedians Always Give Us a Good Time

The Woman Post brings you the funniest, most popular, and influential female comedians that make people addicted to laughing.

Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

A Look at the Amazing Financial Empires of Some Actresses

The Woman Post brings you a list of actresses who run their own business empires.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes and

Big celebrity breakups in 2021

This year has been a period of great romances, but also of broken hearts. In this article we tell you which have been the most scandalous or unexpected celebrity breakups in 2021

Britney Spears

5 Things Britney Spears can do Now that She's Free

This is how the life of the pop princess will change after the judge's decision. These are 5 things Britney Spears cab do now that she is free

Salma Hayek in Eternals

Salma Hayek In Eternals: Representing the Latino Community In Hollywood

After her debut in the MCU, Salma Hayek confessed in an interview that the entire Latino community was with her when she donned the superhero costume in "Eternals"

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart: from "Twilight" to Princess of Wales

Kristen Stewart, famous for the "Twilight" saga, has made a strong mark in Hollywood

Selena Gomez and Chris Evans

Get ahead of the curve: These celebrity relationships are yet to be confirmed

Here we tell you which celebrity relationships are about to be confirmed

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Baker and Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa

These Are The 4 Most Anticipated Celebrity Weddings This Year

From social networks, celebrities share their commitment with their followers. These are the 4 most anticipated celebrity weddings

Still from the documentary 'Britney vs. Spears'

Britney vs. Spears: Her Private Life Continues Under Public Scrutiny

The new Netflix documentary joins others that continue to expose the legal process experienced by "the princess of pop"

Camila Cabello and Ashley Graham

The Inconclusive Discussion on Stereotypes

In a world where women are expected to look perfect, female leaders challenge stereotypes and, through sorority, empower girls and teens to be confident and love themselves just as they are.

Billie Eilish, Amanda Gorman and Naomi Osaka

Stars Who Will Co-Host the 2021 Met Gala

After a year of postponing the coveted Met Gala due to the pandemic, this year's star-studded event is quickly upon us, especially fashion lovers.

'Epa Colombia' and Álvaro Uribe

Epa Colombia And Influencers In Politics

Epa Colombia Is A Recognized Public Figure On Social Networks And Has Been Involved In the Latest Relevant Political Affairs Of The Country

 Pautips and Chloe Ting

Have You Thought About How Followers Influence Celebrities?

Influencers are not exempt from the intervention of their followers in their careers and even in their personal lives

Daniel Craig and Jennifer Lawrence

These are the Highest-Paid Actors and Actresses of 2021

The film industry continues to generate millions of dollars and it is also because of these big stars. Here we tell you the ones who are currently making the most money