• Wave energy could be Chile's next green step

    With 6,435 km of coast line the country has a 164 MW wave energy potential.

  • Solar panels try to undo Balbina dam's damage

    Two decades after Balbina dam's floods, Brazil's Sunlition plans to boost energy generation in the region through 50,000 square meters of floating solar panels. The project is expected to be finished in 2017 and provide energy for 540,00 homes.

  • Paraguayan soy fuels industrialization

    CAIASA soybean complex is a model of clean development, free of fossil fuels, with practically no waste products and can process 4,5 tons of soybeans a day. 

  • Copper scarcity to slow down green energy projects in Chile

    The world’s largest copper producer has struggled to keep up previous levels of extraction and this will inevitably restrict the growth of the sustainable energy sector.

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