• Why has Venezuela's opposition struggled to spark change?

    At the beginning of 2016, there seemed such promise for opposition politicians in Venezuela, but little was achieved. Can 2017 be different?

  • Venezuela’s hapless leader Chávez without the charm

    After this days events Nicolás Maduro’s bumbling brings a messy end to his presidency closer. The Chavista movement is now outnumbered by the opposition and mr Maduro seems unable to accept that

  • Venezuela Wants to Live in a Democracy

    Since its defeat during a parliamentary election on December 6 2015, the chavismo regime decided to abandon the electoral path

  • Venezuela and the eclipse of American leadership

    Venezuela’s steady descent into chaos has repeatedly prompted pundits like me to predict that the authoritarian populist regime founded by Hugo Chávez was doomed to collapse, or be ousted. 

  • Pope Francis, get out of Venezuela. You’re only making things worse.

    Many of us have praised Pope Francis for his humbleness and for his tolerance toward victims of discrimination who had long been neglected by the Vatican, but it’s time to tell him loud and clear: Get out of Venezuela.

  • In Venezuela, They Blinked

    Everywhere in the world Congress oath is a customary and rather boring ceremony but in Venezuela it grasped the attention of world media that followed its proceedings step-by-step.

  • How Venezuela can avoid suspension from the OASl

    The history of Latin America and the Caribbean is plagued with dictators. That is why in 2001, the 34 countries of the OAS agreed to and signed the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

  • Finally, South America puts pressure on Venezuela

    The decision by key South American countries to send an ultimatum to Venezuela’s authoritarian regime demanding that it respect democratic rules went almost unnoticed in the U.S. media

  • Anticipating the Collapse of Venezuela

    The question for businessmen and governments with a stake in the deteriorating situation in Venezuela is no longer if the regime of Nicholas Maduro will come to a premature end, but under what circumstances.

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