Business woman working with her digital tablet.

Want to achieve your goals? Create these 5 habits

We are getting closer to 2020 and many of you are probably creating your new year's eve resolutions. Here are some habits that will help you achieve them.

Two women talking.

Why women select college majors with lower earnings potential

The 'logics of major choice' is different for women and men.

Little girl behind an abacus

Young children can learn math skills from intelligent virtual characters

The study examined the children's math learning from a game featuring a prototype of an intelligent character based on Dora the Explorer.

Group of women watching on laptop

Want more women & minorities in STEM?

Community college program related to social oppression experiences proved effective at strengthening entrepreneurial and STEM skills of the underrepresented students.

Woman leading a presentation to her team.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: how are we doing?

Even though things seem really great for women trying to own a business, there are still some things that need to be done.


Inspiring the world and the space: she is an astronaut

An alliance between the She is Foundation and the NASA Space Center will allow you to visit the center of scientific learning in Houston

Quitting Facebook could boost exam results

In research that validates what many parents and educators suspect, students whose grades are below average could boost their results if they devoted less time to Facebook


EduSense: Like a FitBit for your teaching skills

A new system offers a comprehensive real-time sensing system that is inexpensive and scalable to create a continuous feedback loop for the instructor.

Person holding photographs.

How will your thinking and memory change with age?

A study found that short-age scores, education level, and socioeconomic status are predictors of thinking and memory performance at age 70.

Child drawing with crayons

Should preschool writing be more communication and less ABCs?

"Few teachers in this study think about writing as communication," said Hope Gerde, associate professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Ruth Bader Ginsburg 2016 portrait

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, winner of the 2019 Berggruen Prize

She was chosen from a pool of more than 500 nominees.

Talk, Tell & Post: the bilingual education revolution

Everything you need to know about the innovative, transformative and inclusive program of teacher training and student learning through storytelling .

View of a classroom.

Rethinking the role of technology in the classroom

Even though technology gives a whole world of new experiences, it is not the only thing important when teaching young students.

Person reading book to a child.

Read to kids in Spanish; it'll help their English

Having strong early reading skills in native Spanish will help your kids to develop their English reading skills when they grow up.

Dad helping his daughter draw on paper.

To learn English, bilingual children need robust vocabulary from parents and caregivers

Vocabulary size is the most reliably observed difference between native speakers and even quite proficient non-native speakers.

Students in the middle of a conference at the university

Top MBA Programs in Latin America

Latin America is becoming a powerhouse in many aspects and one feature which is gaining particular attention is education

Empty parking

Where to park your car, according to math

Just as mathematics reveals the motions of the stars and the rhythms of nature, it can also shed light on the more mundane decisions of everyday life

Nickel coins of United States /

Surprising discovery could change the way industry uses nickel

"This finding will help engineers predict where corrosion is most likely to begin. It may even lead to the production of metals that corrode less"

Vista interior del autobús convertido en escuela para migrantes.

A bus becomes a school for migrant children in U.S.-Mexico border

In the border city of Tijuana, a bus is offering a rare chance at school to Central American and Mexican children

Gafas y iPod sobre un cuaderno, encima de una mesa color violeta y audífonos blancos

What are the benefits of studying with music?

Currently, there is an increasing trend among students: listening to music when making summaries or studying for an exam