What kind of intelligence do you have and how can you develop it?

We believe that the only type of intelligence is the one that is associated with easy memorization and understanding, but there are 7 types, which one do you have?

Peter Tabichi: meet the best teacher in the world

The Kenyan was awarded with the Global Teacher Prize on March 23

Did the Government comply with its promises with public education?

On October 11, 2018, a student strike began, lasted for months and ended with several promises by President Duque. Has the promise been fulfilled?

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The Kenyan was awarded what is known as the Nobel Prize for education on March 23

These are the 2 Latin finalists for the World's Best Teacher Prize

The Global Teacher Prize is the most important award for teachers in the world. In this edition, 2 Latin Americans are among the 10 finalists

Still do not know where to study? These are the best universities in Latin America for 2019

Universities of Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia command the prestigious Top 10 of the QS Latin America University Rankings 2019

5 apps that will help you improve your study habits

The apps that we present below will help you improve your study habits and have more control over your time and your life

What are the results after 66 days of student's manifestations in Colombia?

The agreement closes more than two months of student protest and was called a 'historic pact'

The Open Science Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean is here!

Here you will find everything you need to know about the Open Science Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean that will be held from October 22 to 24

Let's celebrate International Literacy Day

Since 1967, International Literacy Day is celebrated every year on September 8

Home-based education: Discover strategies for parents and children

Studying with your children has many advantages. Here you can find some tips that, according to an expert in child pedagogy, you should take into account when educating from home

Paternity leave, a geographical issue

In almost 100 countries, there is no kind of permission for men who become fathers

The last maximum condecoration granted by Juan Manuel Santos: Ángel Martín Peccis

The former president of Colombia gave the highest award granted by the country's government, the Cross of Boyaca, to the regional director of the OEI

It is harmful! The lack of education for girls produces negative impacts

"When women are educated they are part of the resources of the country, they also help to contribute to the economy and the advantages are many" Malala

Ten tips to survive the first week of college

Get ready for your new adventure!

How much Internet is too much for our children

And while there are many educational applications on the market where children can learn various skills, in reality, how much internet is too much?



How to reduce teenage pregnancies?

Latin American Post spoke with Professor Luís Miguel Bermúdez, who is in the run to win the Global Teaching Prize



Believe in Yourself: why dresses matter for education

This charity project looks to teach girls body positivity through beautiful clothes

4 apps students should know

In the following list, you will discover alternatives to make school or college easier

Five tips to study you should know

In the following list, you will find advices to successfully review for academic subjects