Person with a pencil

All you need to know about the new exam pattern of PMP in 2021?

The Project Management Institute(PMI) announced a change in the exam pattern in 2019 it came into effect from July 2020. And later, it was postponed to January 2021 due to the pandemic

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How to Minimize The Risks to Which Adolescents are Exposed?

The lawyer Mariana Sanz, through her social work, reinforces the decision-making power of many vulnerable adolescents about their bodies.

Man working with wood

Is a Career in Roofing Right for You?

When you are choosing a career path, the construction sector can be a great choice

Indian woman

7 Social Stereotypes that Affect Equity

Silencing women has been going on for so long that it has now become a part of our deep-rooted social conditioning.

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Dream Jobs Are Far From Traditional Schemes

Many advantages can come from having a YouTube channel. For this reason, many kids consider YouTube as their dream job.

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Your step by step guide to getting qualified as a teacher

Getting qualified as a teacher is not necessarily straightforward these days

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Emotional Literacy Ensures Success

Why do most Danish children grow up into well-adjusted adults? Could the answer lie in their educational practices and schemes?

Gitanjali rao

The Innovative Girl Who Changes the World

Gitanjali Rao, a 15-year-old from Colorado, US, has been named Time Magazine's Kid of the Year for 2020.

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Is there saturation of university graduates in the labor market?

The democratization of professional studies could cause more people to compete for the same position

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Study shows strong links between music and math, reading achievement

New study showed statistically significant associations between the two at both the individual and the school-district levels

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Achieving Guidelines for Raising Successful Children

Whether they get good grades or discover their gifts and talents, most parents strive to prepare their children for success. 

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The Challenge of Homeschooling During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With coronavirus cases still high around the world, students, teachers, and parents have been forced to adapt to distance learning. 

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What is the revolutionary flipped classroom?

We were used to having a traditional teaching mode. However, what will happen with the changes posed by new technologies?

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Educational Inequality: Still a Global Problem

Inequality in education is a global problem that affects from the poorest countries to the richest.

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Does Managing Emotions Increase Self-esteem in Children?

When the little one in the house can identify their emotions and express them appropriately, their self-esteem increases.


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama's Best Advice for Young Generations

The former African American First Lady has always believed in the power of books and classrooms. 

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Why is an MBA so important in Latin America?

When it comes to thinking about a complementary training for undergraduates, different programs and initiatives for education arise

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The coronavirus facilitates the desertion of Latin American university students

The university always meant the search for new opportunities by the students. However, how to study when it is difficult to survive?

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Latin America has very low levels of English

Latin America is the region with the lowest levels of English

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How people from Latin American can become a nurse in UK

In 2019, it became evident that the UK would have to start hiring nurses from abroad