Antarctica heats up

January 2020 was the warmest month in history

Girl holding a balloon with map drawn into it.

Climate breakdown is increasing violence towards women

Brain images of 12-year-old children show regions of the brain in red, orange and yellow that are most affected by TRAP.

High air pollution exposure in 1-year-olds linked to structural brain change

Forest with variety of trees.

Colombia would plant 180 million trees

Flames rise from an experimental forest fire in Canada's remote Northwest Territories.

Air pollution in NYC linked to wildfires hundreds of miles away

What is an endangered species?

Industry of oil and gas production.

Air pollution can be seen from space

Cars crossing a road in the middle of a flood.

The natural disasters of 2020

Bridge view near a waterfall in a nature reserve.

What should a protected natural area have?

View of trees in a forest.

Sustainable forest management: cutting trees and preserving the forest

Fires in Australia seen from satellite.

Fires in Australia and floods in Indonesia: this is how 2020 began

Ruffed Lemur

Madagascar's rainforest habitat is also in danger

Two people holding beer bottles.

Global warming will have us crying in what's left of our beer

Man touching his chest.

Climate change may increase congenital heart defects

Illustration of new concept that could cut trucks' CO2 emissions by almost 90%.

Capturing CO2 from trucks and reducing their emissions by 90%

Drone image showing forest fragmentation.

Amazon forest regrowth much slower than previously thought

Business people in a meeting.

How to build a more sustainable business

Trees in a forest.

The forest, much more than trees

Person holding plastic bottles.

5 things you can give to the Earth

Power plants emitting CO2.

Study highlights high cost of fossil fuel pollution on children's health

Participants of the climate change summit, COP25.

What COP25 left