G7: Do the Big Seven Lack Determination and Commitment to Climate Change?

We cannot continue to ignore the messages that the earth sends us!

Monica Avila

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What can be Learned from the Conservation of Badlands?

Erupting volcano

Gallery: 5 volcanoes with the most destructive eruptions of recent times in Latin America

Pleurothallis petroana and Pleurothallis franciana

Orchids Discovered in Colombia Will Have Names in Honor of Francia Márquez and Petro

polar aurora

The Best Places in the World to see the Auroras

Recycling Symbol

Opinion: Reject, The Most Important R of the Sustainability Model

Crew members of the Artemis II mission

A Milestone in Space History: NASA Presented the Four Artemis II Astronauts

ambient carbon dioxide

What are the Ways to Remove Carbon Dioxide from the Environment?

jani silva

Jani Silva: A Leader in Environmental Conservation and Indigenous Rights

Polar bears

PFAS, Perpetual Chemicals Endanger Endangered Species

James Webb Telescope

Gallery: 6 Amazing Revelations from the James Webb Telescope

Water body

Water Conference 2023: Balance of Achievements and Pending Challenges

Why are Women and girls most affected by water scarcity?


Melting Permafrost: An Invisible Threat of Climate Change

Climate change

IPCC: The Survival Guide for Humanity

Forest seen from the air

Reforestation in Latin American Cities

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Animal Welfare Laws: How is Latin America Doing in Animal Rights?

cyclone freddy

Cyclone Freddy in Africa is About to Become the Longest in History

View of Alaska and Joe Biden

Willow Project: US Government Approved a Mega-Project for the Extraction of Oil and Gas in Alaska

Little mouse in a laboratory

Animal Experimentation: Prohibitions and Strategies to Reduce its Use