Ludis Ibargüen, Makes a Difference in the Mining Sector

34 Years Since the Chernobyl Disaster

Ozone layer

How much is the Ozone Layer protected in Latin America and the Caribbean?

Machine spraying a field with glyphosate

And what about the glyphosate used in food crops?

View of a mountainous landscape

Why is Earth Day important?

Ricardo Salles and Jair Bolsonaro

Indictment of the Brazilian Minister of the Environment and more environmental news

Electric cart charging

This is how to reduce your carbon footprint in transportation

Two people sowing

Do Our Habits Translate Into Support for Food Producers?

Image from the 'Save Ralph' campaign

Save Ralph: This is how animal testing works in Latin America

Still from the 'Save Ralph' campaign

Save Ralph's campaign goes viral and more environmental news

Nuclear power plant

Will 4th generation nuclear reactors change the public perception of nuclear power?

Tractor on a farm land

Study states that 64% of agricultural land is under threat of contamination

Mountain of garbage and rubbish on the beach by the sea

UN ensures that plastic affects the most vulnerable and more environmental news

Man walking in the street carrying a plastic bag

Consumer resistance to sustainability interventions

Hands holding a globe figure

Opinion: Eco-anxiety shows that responsibility continues to fall on the individual

Pigs in a hatchery

What is the relationship between zoonotic diseases and animal exploitation?

Rammohan Aluru (left) and Grigoriy Zyryanov (right) at Organic synthesis laboratory UrFU

Scientists created edible food films for food packaging

View of water crashing against a rock

This is how the World Water Day was carried out

Boat touring a mangrove forest

Mi Costa: project to save 3,000 mangroves and benefit 1 million people

View of a wooden house in the middle of the Amazon River

The Amazon produces more pollution than oxygen and more environmental news

Gas station

Oil Companies Direct Efforts Towards Climate Impact

Pouring water on person's hands

The Water Crisis Is Closer Than You Think