China tries to go green

China tries to go green

A new green transportation alternative

A new green transportation alternative

Microplastic debris

Microplastic debris: The next threat

climate change health

Climate change and people’s health: a surprising correlation

Colombia, Cumaral against mining

Democracy vs. Mining: The popular consultations in Colombia

climate change

Three years left to change the future of the planet

Mexico renewable energy

Chile, Mexico, and Argentina leading the way in renewable energy

La Paz, Bolivia

Which Latin American cities are the most vulnerable to climate change?

hydroelectric plants

Are hydroelectric plants the best solution?


Norway threatens to stop financing conservation of the Amazon

Colombia Cámara Representante

Colombian legislators support the ratification of the Paris Accord

Global coal consumption falls in 2016

electric cars

The true environmental cost of electric cars

Polar bear

Polar bears will face their due date


Easy recommendations to correctly recycle items in your house

Hello deserts, goodbye people

Is the Paris accord a deal no one wants?

Chile renewables

Chile: An example when it comes to renewables

Be part of the change and reduce your plastic consumption

post-consumer waste

Colombia against post-consumer waste

wildlife traffic

Peru: An illegal wildlife traffic route?

Latin America wind power market

Shift seen for Latin America wind power market