Is nuclear energy the solution for climate change?

How to make carbon pricing palatable to air travellers

Office with computers in cubicles.

How much are you polluting your office air just by existing?

Tuna fish

How sustainable is tuna?


A new concept could make more environmentally friendly batteries possible

Plastic bottles on top of body of water.

Converging on a global waste solution

Waste products made with plastic.

5 initiatives where you will get benefits for recycling

Angela Merkel speaks with the participants in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

UN: Merkel calls urgently to save the rainforest

View of an area of factories where there are carbon dioxide emissions.

UN should review its own carbon footprint

Agricultural crop field

The next agricultural revolution is here

Dominika Pasternak, a Polish PhD student in atmospheric chemistry at Britain’s University of York.

The climate hunters: three young women racing to help environment

Person using a cell phone

Smartphones will have to last longer to reduce carbon emissions

BYU Professor Tom Fletcher in his lab running tests on fire ignition.

New wildfire models to predict how wildfires will burn in next 20 minutes

Swiss Alps mountains.

Why is Earth so biologically diverse? Mountains hold the answer

Water tank archive at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant

Japan: The nuclear disaster will be investigated again

A small fire burns by the side of the road between Porto Velho and Humaita in Brazil's Amazonas state.

"Day of fire": flames ignite suspicion in Amazon city

View of a water tributary with plastic contamination.

Microplastics: another environmental challenge

Iván Duque of Colombia, Lenín Moreno of Ecuador and Martín Vizcarra of Peru

Leaders from Amazon countries come together to protect the jungle

 view of Deusdimar Tenharim, vice-chief of the Pakyri indigenous tribe that lives in Tenharim Territory, Amazonas, Brazil

Indigenous tribes fear hard year ahead after Amazon fires

Rice University engineer Haotian Wang adjusts the electrocatalysis reactor built in his lab to recycle carbon dioxide

Rice reactor turns greenhouse gas into pure liquid fuel

Picture of the Early successional species (Guazuma crinita Mart) before transplant, as received by the tree nursery.

Biochar: a better start to rain forest restoration

Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg

Inspired by teen climate activist Thunberg, LatAm activists converge in Chile

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