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What does the the Free World thinks of Trump?

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Hello America the World is Watching documentary hopes to give us the answer.


Have you wondered what does the Free World thinks of United States presidential election? Even more, how do they feel about Trump's possibility of becoming the 45th President of the United States?

Hello America the World is Watching is a 3 part documentary film that aims to show, before the November election, what do key political and social and social figures think about Trumps 10 infamous election promises.

These are Trump's promises, in his own words:

1 .“A Ban on Muslims entering the US”
2. “Build a 1000-mile wall along the southern border, deport 11 Million Mexicans who are mostly rapists and drug dealers”
3. “Syrians refugees are terrorists and we can’t allow them in”
4. “Tear up the Iranian Nuclear deal”
5. “Give Japan and South Korea Nukes”
6. “Bomb the Shit out of ISIS”
7. “Climate change is a total hoax”
8. “Nobody will do more for women than me”
9. “Stop China stealing our jobs”
10. “Make our military the biggest ever”

The crew is leaded by Dave Maxwell. He's been a Designer/Director since the early  90s and has been mainly involved in music and concert film and DVD. However, his interest in geo-political issues has spiked over the last few years. He has two political documentaries on the process and decided to focus on Hello America the World is Watching this summer, hoping to get it released before the general election.

"As an immigrant to this great country I like so many others have been personally offended on so many levels by the rhetoric during this election process. But also with that came a certain fascination about the process. How has it gotten to this point? Is this actually real? He wants to do what?" says Maxwell.

They plan to visit ten of the countries Trump has offended, in three different continents, and speak with Ministers, Generals, Mayors, scientists and even the Islamic State's newly appointed Press Officer.

Each part of the documentary will be treating different subjects. The first, would focus on the Islamic State, Muslims, Religious Test and the Middle East. North Korea, Nukes, China, Japan and South Korea and climate change would appear in the second part. Finally, Mexico, immigration, the wall and relations with UK and women would be in the finale.

The development of this project began in January 2016. Maxwell and his researchers have been in three trips to China, Bahrein, South Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia, along with other countries.

"We wanted to ask which of the presidential candidates our enemies fear and who do our allies respect... Our goal is to make a difference in the general election, for the greater good," explains Maxwell

The team needs to be on the ground on July to meet the October deadline. The documentary is currently raising funds through kickstarter.com and you can back it up until June 30.

"Trump wants to be the leader of the Free World, well, the Free World doesn't get a vote," he continues. The film wants to show other's opinions and views regarding Trump's campaign in order to give the Free World a voice.

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