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Miércoles, 21 Diciembre 2016 22:22

2016 didn’t change for sports in Colombia

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Just as cinema has grown so much in Colombia, with the support of private enterprise and national talent, sport has grown even more and international results prove it, despite not having these privileges, because beyond the economic investment, the talent and the discipline of the athletes have taken them to the highest level. 

In the last four years, Colombia achieved national record of medals in the Olympic Games London-2012 and in the Olympic Games Rio 2016; Finished second behind Brazil in the 2014 South American Games and overcame Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela in the Pan American Games in 2015, behind powers like the United States, Canada, Brazil and Cuba, fifth in the whole continent.

According to Benedetti, "the rapporteur agreed that it was necessary to equate it with cinema for procedural issues, because the original proposal was intended to generate tax incentives, but this should be done by Organic Law, so we decided to look for a legal figure that would generate resources, And the proposal of the Cinema Law seemed to us the most favorable, since this industry has been able to develop better, "said Benedetti.

Senator Benedetti believes that "the proposal of the project is to maximize all available resources, physical, technical and economic, to overcome the difficulties that our athletes today have to face.

For example, countries such as Brazil and Argentina allocate economic resources much higher than ours and of the two only Brazil surpasses us in results. That is, what Colombia invests in our athletes is below what is required, and the results are well above the investment. For instance Caterine Ibargüen Mena, has conquered the world with her spectacular jumps.

In addition, with respect to countries like Chile, which invests 20 million dollars annually or Peru that invests 15 million dollars, we are only comparable with Ecuador that invests four million dollars, which is the figure that invested Colombia in the so-called Olympic Cycle, In preparation and participation in 2016.

And from that support that comes from the private sector, Benedetti touched on a current topic: "How is it possible for Colombia to run out of cycling equipment, having huge power in that sport? That is unacceptable and, first and foremost, this project seeks to protect our athletes with social security and looking for resources so that things like these do not happen. There's a lot of talent and little support here. "

"It is time to support this bill so that the company can see an important incentive to direct resources to the support of the sport, is something fundamental that would come very well to the sports sector," added Alberto Herrera, president of the Colombian Federation of Skating.

In the country, according to the records of the Colombian Olympic Committee, 184 athletes are considered as athletes of performance and high performance, and they are the ones who are supporting the proposal, because their social and economic security conditions are reduced.

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