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More than 200 foreign companies have arrived in Colombia

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In the last 5 years, approximately 200 foreign companies began their operations in the country, building new plants, business offices, and subsidiaries.

Newcomers include Facebook and Chilean hotel chain Atton; Japanese company Furukawa which opened a fiber optics plant, and Hero MotoCorp from India started the construction of a new motorcycle assembly plant in Cauca.

Investors agree that some of the reasons to invest in Colombia are market growth and new policies, which have allowed the country to weather outside crises and enjoy an annual growth of 4%-5%, resulting in a firm and sound economy that stands out in the region.
Also, the country has a key strategic location, qualified human talent, and strong sectors including tourism, financial and business services, BPO operations, and agribusiness.

Foreign companies also arrived through franchises, private operations, or by purchasing local companies, including the Starbucks chain (U.S.A.), Itaú Bank (Brazil), Axa Seguros (France), Ripley (Chile), Victoria’s Secret, Marriott, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, GAP, Forever 21, and Jerónimo Martins (Portugal). Italian deluxe car brand Ferrari and technology-based executive search company Catenon from Spain are some of these new companies.


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