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Lunes, 02 Mayo 2016 09:16

Biga, an electric scooter, a mobility alternative

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This new personal vehicle made of guadua bamboo reaches a maximum speed of 35 kms/hr. and complies with 95 Bogotá regulations on cycling routes and cycling lanes.

Viernes, 22 Abril 2016 08:48

The Andromeda Galaxy seen from Colombia

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US space agency NASA on Tuesday highlighted this photo of the Andromeda galaxy taken from Colombia by photographer Hugo Armando Rua.

Lunes, 04 Abril 2016 10:46

Colombia’s elite in the Panama Papers

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Colombia’s wealthy have $100 billion, more than a quarter of the country’s GDP, stashed in offshore accounts, the country’s former tax chief estimated Monday

Jueves, 24 Marzo 2016 09:07

Colombia's big comeback

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How the country went from being the cocaine capital of the world to a Latin American success story.

Lunes, 21 Marzo 2016 09:45

Good samaritan pays electric bill in Bogotá

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You’re unemployed, down on your luck, and you find a bundle of banknotes and an electricity bill. Would you pay it? That’s exactly what one Colombian woman did in Bogotá, and she even left a note!

Lunes, 21 Marzo 2016 09:39

84% of Colombia’s children are born out of wedlock

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Eighty-four percent of Colombia’s children were born outside of marriage, a record in Latin America, according to a global study.The report, prepared by the Child Trends and Social Trends Institute gathered information from 49 countries.

Lunes, 14 Marzo 2016 10:31

Unequality in Colombia 2nd highest in Latam

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Colombia is Latin America’s second most unequal country in the Americas after Honduras, according to updated World Bank statistics.

In Colombia Universidad Naciunal is working on a system using high resolution imagery (720 pixels) captured by drones would diminish arrival and processing times in street accidents by up to 30 minutes.

Miércoles, 27 Enero 2016 10:07

Pope Francis confirms Colombia visit

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Pope Francis will be visiting the South American nation during the first half of 2017

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos has signed a law that imposes tougher sentences on the perpetrators of acid attacks.

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