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Economics (49)

The Colombian government has signed an agreement with five major food warehouses in the country to impose price controls that freeze the price of red meat, fish, dairy, eggs, grains, and processed foods

Sábado, 17 Diciembre 2016 20:14

Colombia should look out for the US and the TPP

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In a study by CEPAL Colombia was shown to be one of the most vulnerable to a potential consolidation of the TPP despite not taking part in it.

Miércoles, 14 Diciembre 2016 11:07

India looks favorably upon possible trade agreements with LatAm

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India’s Commerce Secretary Rita Teaotia released a statement in which she encourages developing preferential trade agreements with LatAm.

Colombia’s state-run oil company Ecopetrol will begin off-shore oil exploration in the Caribbean for the first time in its history, the government announced.

Jueves, 17 Noviembre 2016 10:30

Colombia’s environmental market could grow

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It is the first Latin American country to publish a diagnosis on its environmental market.

Turkey maintains economic interest on Colombia for a variety of reasons. Among them, its location. Trade between the two is constantly rising.

Lunes, 07 Noviembre 2016 10:09

Colombia president welcomes Brexit trade prospect

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Trade between Colombia and the UK has the potential to grow after Brexit, the country's president has suggested.

Miércoles, 07 Septiembre 2016 08:41

Colombia’s growth for this trimester the lowest in 7 years

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The Colombian economy grew 2% for the 2nd trimester of 2016, numbers this low had not been seen for 7 years, however, there is no need for extreme measures.

Jueves, 01 Septiembre 2016 08:35

Colombia to start accounting for the digital economy

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Estimates show that the digital economy has contributed sizeable growth to the Colombian economy, but only now will its impacts be seriously measured.

Miércoles, 21 Septiembre 2016 08:32

How could China take advantage of the Colombian peace deal?

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The end of conflict could mean the United States will back away from Colombia in terms of investment and assistance, China might try to fill the power gap.

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