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The amount and value of agricultural imports in the month of April alone is over 70% higher than last year’s equivalent, it is the highest in 20 years.

Colombia’s trade minister has proposed to Pacific Alliance members to jointly negotiate a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom, which last week voted to leave the European Union.

Miércoles, 22 Junio 2016 08:10

Colombia’s 2016 fiscal gap widens amid ongoing oil troubles

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Colombia’s fiscal deficit for the 2016 will be wider 3.9% rather than the 3.6% of the country’s GDP announced last year, the country’s finance minister said Wednesday.

Jueves, 16 Junio 2016 09:12

Macri attends economic forum in Colombia

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Argentine president Mauricio Macri said Mercosur needs “a greater integration dynamics” and defended the idea that the Atlantic regional block country members work to reach agreements with countries of the Pacific Alliance.

Buyers interested in tapping on the LatAm travel market will be eyeing Avianca, as the strong US dollar might allow them to get in for cheap.

Jueves, 26 Mayo 2016 09:14

Bogotá Approves Sale Of ETB

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City council authorizes mayor to sell city's 80 percent of company shares.

Lunes, 16 Mayo 2016 09:33

Imbalances in Costa Rica’s FTA with Colombia

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Costa Rica imports much more than what it exports in its trade partnership with Colombia, business opportunities are still plenty.

Colombia’s largest oil producer posted a 126% increase in net profit for the year’s first trimester, how was that possible in this economic climate?

The investment banking firm is involved with at least one $260 million bond relating to the country’s infrastructural renewal.

Lunes, 02 Mayo 2016 09:13

Bogota seeks to sale ETB

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Mayor Enrique Peñalosa asked Bogota’s city council for permission to sell the government’s stock in telecommunication company ETB, just weeks after the privatization of an energy company caused major protests.

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