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Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos created the Special Electoral Mission of Colombia (MEE) to propose recommendations to modernize and give a greater transparency to the Colombian electoral system.

Viernes, 13 Enero 2017 03:11

Colombia, ELN rebels begin exploratory talks

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Representatives of the Colombian government and the National Liberation Army (ELN), the Andean nation’s second-largest rebel group, met Friday in Ecuador to initiate contacts that are meant to lead to formal peace talks.

Jueves, 29 Diciembre 2016 08:53

Colombia approves amnesty agreed in Farc peace deal

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The Colombian Congress has approved a law offering amnesty to some of those accused of minor crimes in the country's decades-long civil conflict.

Miércoles, 21 Diciembre 2016 03:43

Our country of the year by The Economist

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The conflict between Colombia’s government and the Marxist insurgents of the FARC lasted for half a century and claimed perhaps 220,000 lives.

In a clearing in the northern Colombian mountains, members of the United Nations, soldiers and police are living with FARC guerrillas to supervise the process whereby the rebels will turn in their weapons and demobilize, as set forth in the peace agreement.

Miércoles, 30 Noviembre 2016 03:45

Colombian Senate backs new Farc peace deal

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Colombia's Senate has approved a revised peace accord with the country's largest rebel group, the Farc.

Miércoles, 07 Diciembre 2016 08:39

Colombian peace process hits another bump

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The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) announced Tuesday that its members will not start heading for the areas where they must gather before laying down their arms due to the lack of infrastructure in those areas and "legal obstructions."

The Colombian president on Wednesday said that his country would soon have a new peace agreement which would facilitate closer trade ties with the United Kingdom.

Miércoles, 02 Noviembre 2016 10:10

City of Women built by displaced Colombian women

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The nondescript neighborhood on the outskirts of the port city of Cartagena doesn’t look like much to outsiders: rows of orderly, small, colorful houses with tin roofs, joined by garden courtyards.

Lunes, 14 Noviembre 2016 09:55

New peace deal in Colombia

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The Colombian government and the Farc rebel group have announced a new peace agreement, six weeks after the original deal was rejected in a popular vote.

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