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Investigations of those named in leaked documents of the Panama Papers are set to begin, the Prosecutor General has announced.

Jueves, 12 Mayo 2016 08:49

Panama closes border with Colombia to stem migrant flow

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Panama will close key crossings on its border with Colombia to prevent undocumented migrants from Cuba and Africa entering the country, President Juan Carlos Varela said early this week.

Jueves, 12 Mayo 2016 08:46

The road to Colombia’s complete peace: Next up ELN

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To the casual observer, it may appear that the FARC and the ELN are similar. However, their organizational structures, military capabilities and ideological origins are different.

Viernes, 06 Mayo 2016 08:42

Ingrid Betancourt back in Colombia with call for unity

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Former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, who spent 6½ years as a prisoner of FARC rebels, said on Thursday that Colombia needs unity to overcome the “dehumanization” brought on by five decades of armed conflict.

Domingo, 01 Mayo 2016 09:12

Colombia’s Santos Retools Cabinet

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Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Monday announced the appointment of seven new Cabinet ministers he said will be responsible for guiding the country toward peace and the post-conflict era.

The appointment of Clara Lopez to be the new labor minister in the center-right Colombian government on Tuesday decapitated the leftist PDA party, which required her to step down as leader.

Lunes, 25 Abril 2016 08:53

El Paisa arrives at Havanna

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The commander of one of the FARC’s most elite fighting units, “El Paisa,” arrived in Havana to take part in ongoing peace talks after reportedly having rejected the talks.

Jueves, 31 Marzo 2016 09:54

In Colombia the ELN gets on the peace train

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Government and the country's second-largest rebel group Wednesday that they will hold peace talks, heightening expectations for a definitive end to a half-century of political violence.

More than three years into marathon peace talks to end Latin America's last civil war, Colombia and Marxist FARC rebels missed their self-imposed deadline, but pledged to keep trying.

Lunes, 21 Marzo 2016 09:05

Colombia-Nicaragua dispute approved in the Hague

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The International Court of Justice (ICJ), based in the Hague, the Netherlands, has voted in favor of taking on an ongoing dispute filed by Nicaragua against Colombia.

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