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Living future

Living future (9)

Google News is launching its fact-checking feature in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to counteract fake news.

From magnetic resonance brain structure imagery, the software program automatically rates Alzheimer’s disease patients with 70% assertiveness.

XPrize Foundation encourages the development of technology to change the world.

Miércoles, 07 Diciembre 2016 09:07

Education and technology together for better results

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Radical changes are needed in the Colombian educational system

Viernes, 05 Agosto 2016 08:14

3-D printed and customized prosthetics

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There are approximately 60,000 people with some type of impairment or amputation of one of the lower limbs in Colombia. Most come from low-income environments or families.

Jueves, 09 Junio 2016 10:02

Mathematics improve distribution of perishable products

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Altering distribution networks will diminish transportation, storage costs and loss of food, ensuring products will reach consumers in less time and have greater shelf life.

Lunes, 02 Mayo 2016 09:16

Biga, an electric scooter, a mobility alternative

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This new personal vehicle made of guadua bamboo reaches a maximum speed of 35 kms/hr. and complies with 95 Bogotá regulations on cycling routes and cycling lanes.

Viernes, 22 Abril 2016 08:48

The Andromeda Galaxy seen from Colombia

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US space agency NASA on Tuesday highlighted this photo of the Andromeda galaxy taken from Colombia by photographer Hugo Armando Rua.

In Colombia Universidad Naciunal is working on a system using high resolution imagery (720 pixels) captured by drones would diminish arrival and processing times in street accidents by up to 30 minutes.