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Guamos, citrus, coffee, guarango, rue, chamomile, sambucus and chirco are just some of the trees responsible for providing pollen to honey bees of the municipalities of Timbío, Totoró and Piendamó in the Province of Cauca.

Lunes, 16 Mayo 2016 09:39

Illegal mining widespread in Colombia

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Illegal mining operations exist in 307 of Colombia’s 1,102 municipalities and cause the Andean nation to lose more than $67.8 million (200 billion pesos) in tax revenue annually, the Colombian Mining Association, or ACM, reported.

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Since a free trade agreement between the United States and Colombia came into force on May 15, 2012, exports from Colombia to the US have been cut in half while violence against labor rights workers persists.

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Costa Rica imports much more than what it exports in its trade partnership with Colombia, business opportunities are still plenty.

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The Colombian government says it has agreed a road map for the release of child soldiers from the ranks of the left-wing Farc rebels.

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