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The appointment of Clara Lopez to be the new labor minister in the center-right Colombian government on Tuesday decapitated the leftist PDA party, which required her to step down as leader.

Lunes, 25 Abril 2016 08:53

El Paisa arrives at Havanna

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The commander of one of the FARC’s most elite fighting units, “El Paisa,” arrived in Havana to take part in ongoing peace talks after reportedly having rejected the talks.

Lunes, 25 Abril 2016 08:51

Colombia one step closer to the OEDC

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Colombia was accepted into the Corporate Governance Committee of the of the international economic organisation OECD, marking a step towards the full membership sought by the South American country.

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Farmers of the settlement of Regaderos (Province of Valle del Cauca) have the remedy in their crops to attack the greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum). Amitus fuscipennis is the wasp which roam plants around vegetable crops and suck its extrafloral nectar.

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Fantastic variations on La Guaneña” of Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNal) Music Conservatorium Professor Mauricio Arias was played by the University of Florida, Gainesville Symphonic Band on April 14th

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