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A cellular therapy technique helps in treating bone defects produced by accidents, shootings or bone infections, among others. Its application would avoid, among other alternatives, use of synthetic bone grafts.

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Senate met on Wednesday to vote on a series of changes to the law regarding organ donation. The proposals will become law once they gain the signature of the President, Juan Manuel Santos.

Viernes, 22 Abril 2016 08:48

The Andromeda Galaxy seen from Colombia

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US space agency NASA on Tuesday highlighted this photo of the Andromeda galaxy taken from Colombia by photographer Hugo Armando Rua.

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Eight grade students of the Aguablanca District of the city of Cali improved their mathematical skills thanks to these games and other virtual games such as GeoGebra.

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Colombia and Panama will hold new negotiations on tax information-sharing this week to combat fraud and money laundering, Colombian Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas said on Tuesday, amid revelations by the Panama Papers about secretive offshore finance.

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