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Miss Colombia says it’s no coincidence you haven’t heard her talk much about her experience winning — and losing — the Miss Universe crown.

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Venezuela violence hit record levels in 2015; Colombia murders lowest in 20 years

Lunes, 04 Enero 2016 10:15

2016 a year for peace in Colombia?

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Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos welcomed in the New Year by outlining his hopes for a peace accord to finally be signed in Havana which will mark the end of over 50 years of internal armed conflict in the country.

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María Roa has had remarkable success in getting the Colombian government and ordinary citizens to wrestle with that question and reconsider how domestic workers ought to be treated, as a matter of principle and under the law.

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Current international juncture could benefit the last efforts against the drug war in Colombia, the stage is set but a smart approach will be vital.

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