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The amount and value of agricultural imports in the month of April alone is over 70% higher than last year’s equivalent, it is the highest in 20 years.

The leader of Colombia's Farc rebel group says it will stop charging its so-called "revolutionary tax".For decades, the Farc extorted money from local people and businesses in areas it controlled.

Martes, 05 Julio 2016 08:13

The Latin American death tree

The Manchineel tree or beach apple is perhaps the most dangerous trees in the world and is now in danger of extinction.

Cuba has successfully held off the Zika epidemic and in the process all but eliminated Dengue fever and other mosquito-carried illnesses

Martes, 05 Julio 2016 08:09

The irony of NATO

NATO is supposed to be a defensive alliance but its moving eastwards threatening Europe with destruction.

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