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Viernes, 10 Junio 2016 09:53

Thousands pose naked in Bogota

American photographer Spencer Tunick, famous for his pictures of huge crowds of naked people, on Sunday convinced more than 6,000 Colombians to strip down in Bogota's main public square -- all in the name of peace.

Lunes, 13 Junio 2016 09:50

Peasants and ethnic strike ends

Colombia’s peasants and ethnic minorities ended almost two weeks of strikes, protests and roadblocks after the government vowed to include them in decision making on mining and other decisions affecting the countryside.

Colombia’s government and FARC, guerrilla group on Friday announced a pilot plan for the voluntary replacement of illicit crops with other agricultural products

Colombia’s constitutional court on Wednesday struck down a law which requires mining permits be issued exclusively by the national government, a decision which could open the way for provincial and local authorities to restrict mining in their areas.

Here in Colombia, the recognition of female baristas at any level is hardly more advanced.

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