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Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos acknowledged Wednesday that his government may miss a fast-approaching deadline to sign a peace deal with rebels and end the main part of the country's decades-long conflict.

Several Indian communities in the southern Colombian province of Guaviare are working with international assistance to document and preserve traditions threatened by half a century of armed conflict and forced displacement.

The mining company co-owned by BHP Billiton and Vale S.A committed to a long-term plan for restoring the environment and communities damaged by thecompany dam's failure last November.

In Colombia Universidad Naciunal is working on a system using high resolution imagery (720 pixels) captured by drones would diminish arrival and processing times in street accidents by up to 30 minutes.

In 2014 production was 6 million kilos of pineapples, which we increased to 13 million in 2015 and expectations for this year and 2017 are 20 million and 25 million respectively.

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