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Viernes, 09 Septiembre 2016 08:45

Academic music in Colombia: a forgotten tradition

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What happened with the history and development of music in a country that lives surrounded by it?

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Some interesting initiatives are motivating farmers to produce and export cocoa, growers are finding it could offer a lucrative alternative to illegal crops.

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The Colombian economy grew 2% for the 2nd trimester of 2016, numbers this low had not been seen for 7 years, however, there is no need for extreme measures.

Martes, 06 Septiembre 2016 08:38

Colombian Indigenous tribes talk to the nature

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Indigenous communities are scared and hurt about the current state of the nature. They ask for forgiveness and help.

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Estimates show that the digital economy has contributed sizeable growth to the Colombian economy, but only now will its impacts be seriously measured.

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