Three favorite braids of celebrities to wear this summer

The days of summer approach with intensity and while some choose to wear a bob style, those with XL hair look for a way to shrink their hair with miraculous products or braids

Five must-see fashion documentaries for every fashionista

From the Met gala to the real costs of fast fashion, these documentaries promise a global vision of the complex world of stylish dressing

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Say goodbye to Bikinis: this is the new wave of one-piece swimsuits

The emblematic bikini stops trending this 2018 and gives way to the classic one-piece: here you'll find everything you need to look stylish on your next beach vacation

Which are the best gadgets to look better?

Rejuvenating is not a matter of long days of exercise and plastic surgeries; now, technology is available to everyone and there is a wide variety of devices that make looking good easy and simple from the comfort of our own home

Look radiant! These are the hairstyle and makeup trends for the summer of 2018

Dare to renew your look and try these tips that are trend for this season

Does consuming collagen really eliminate wrinkles and fine lines?

This protein can be consumed in capsules, pills and beverages. But is it a miraculous solution to improve the appearance of the face?

Fashion in Russia 2018: which are the best shirts of the World Cup?

What inspired designers of brands such as Adidas and Nike to create these uniforms?

Kate Spade: What will happen to her millionaire fashion empire after her death?

The American designer Kate Spade was the latest in a long list of designers who died tragically and unexpectedly


Bolivia is stepping strong into the Latin American fashion scene

Juan Carlos Pereira and Andrés Jordan Soliz created DAB (Bolivian Design and Authors)- an initiative through which local Bolivian talents are promoted and supported in their quest to create original sustainable collections

Hair accessories

Rocking your long hair and not getting bored is totally possible

Bored with your hair? Give these accessories a try!


Is the sustainable lifestyle trend only for Coachella-going hipsters?

With the Omnia Summit 2018, Costa Rica hosts the biggest event in Latin America in sustainable lifestyle

Latin American Fashion Summit

The Latin American Fashion Summit

A platform designed to empower and support Latin American talent

San Francisco: fur is dead

San Francisco has become the first major U.S. city to ban the sale of fur clothing and products

Chanel FW 2018 Finale

Chanel: Fall- Winter 2018-19 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Models didn’t march on a catwalk but wandered through a walking path made of autumn leaves

Oscar de la Renta

Why is the Hispanic culture so trendy?

Few ethnic groups have managed to preserve such powerful influence over the fashion world as the Hispanics

Lacoste: which animals have replaced the famous crocodile?

The French design firm has decided to use animals in danger of extinction to generate awareness

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The age of diversity: Fashion Week like it's never been seen

Diversity in the fashion world reaches a new crowning moment with the Spring-Summer 2018 shows 

¿Models or drones? The innovative proposal

12 devices presented the new Dolce and Gabbana’s collection of bags

Why did Carolina Herrera step down as creative director?

The Venezuelan, who has built a fashion empire for 37 years, will take a new job in her company as global brand ambassador

Five male plus size models you should know

Here you will find a list with some of the most recognized fashion guys in this industry